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02-19-04, 06:49 AM
Knock-out blows at Saturday Night Fights
Submitted by: MCB Camp Butler
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Story by Lance Cpl. Chris Korhonen

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa, Japan -- Bloody noses, roaring crowds, the first woman versus woman match, and a devastating knockout in the opening bout was just some of the action at Saturday Night Fights in the Foster Field House Feb. 7.

In the first match of the evening, light heavyweight Melvin Riley defeated Levi Kammes in the second round when the referee stopped the contest (RSC). Kammes, already having gone down twice in the first round, collapsed to the mat after taking a stiff jab from Riley.

The action resumed after corpsmen worked on Kammes for 10 minutes. The crowd, estimated to be more than 300 people, did not lose their enthusiasm during the break.

Daniel Miramontes and Joel Norton then squared off in a middleweight contest. Miramontes dominated the first two rounds, keeping Norton on the defense and moving away to avoid his aggressive attacks. In the third round Norton was pinned in the corner taking heavy blows. He fought back blow for blow to get a big response from the crowd, but it wouldn't be enough as Miramontes won by a unanimous decision after the fourth and final round.

Next was the first woman's boxing match to be held at a Saturday Night Fights exhibition according Corey Carter, sports coordinator, Semper Fit. Natasha Eyer and Abigail Chavez went at it in one of the more action packed fights of the night. With the crowd cheering on both boxers equally, Eyer and Chavez went toe-to-toe in the first round, with Eyer landing a few more quality shots than her opponent. In the openings of both the second and third rounds, each fighter came out swinging fast and furious, getting most of the onlookers to their feet to cheer on the competitors. Another fast paced round in the fourth got a big response from the crowd at the final bell. In the end, Eyer out-boxed Chavez and won the bout by decision.

Even though Eyer came out on top, neither boxer had hard feelings and were happy with the experience. Chavez was especially hopeful that their fight would get more women to participate in the future.

"I can't wait until more girls come out so we can actually have more fights," Chavez said. "Hopefully, once people see us boxing more, people will come out and fight."

The fourth bout was a heavyweight contest between Tody Strinmetz and Cody Cole. Both boxers came out swinging hard, which got the crowd roaring with excitement. Strinmetz landed some huge shots to Cole, staggering him. In the second round both fighters continued to exchange heavy shots with neither fighter showing much defense. When a hard right hook stunned Cole, the referee stopped the fight, giving Strinmetz a win. The fans did not react well to the conclusion and started chanting "let them fight" before the final decision was announced.

In the bloodiest match of the night, Christopher McKinney and Matt Shaw pounded each other for four rounds of heavyweight action. Early in the first round Shaw took a hard jab that started a nose-bleed throughout the match. Shaw got even midway through the second by landing punches to McKinney's face, drawing blood from his nose. Neither fighter was willing to give ground to the other, and despite the blood, or motivated by it, kept attacking each other harder. By the fourth round both fighters were wearing down but still continued to land occasional punches. In the end, McKinney emerged victorious in a win by decision.

The final fight saw Deeceasar Smith defeat Daniel Mathurin by decision in a heavyweight match.

Once the final match was finished, all boxers were invited to the ring to announce the Overall Boxer of the Night. A brand new X-box was given to Eyer, who was also the smallest boxer on the card, for her great showing during her bout.

"It was exciting being out there," Eyer said. "It was nerve racking at first, but the crowd was motivating."


CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa, Japan - Natasha Eyer (red) and Abigail Chavez duke it out in their lightweight match at the Foster Field House Feb. 7. Eyer came out on top in the first womens' bout held during a Saturday Night Fight exhibition. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Chris Korhonen