View Full Version : Broken Traditions

09-09-02, 09:34 PM
Have you heard that once again the powers to be on the "hill" are planning to break tradition. I understand their is a MarAdmin out that changes the uniform regulation for the Blue liberty Uniform. The approved liberty uniform for blues will now be with white trousers like 8th & I. No more blood stripe on blue. Anybody know the straight scoop. I will research MarAdmins and post. :sad:

8th&I Marine
09-10-02, 05:09 AM

I hopr that aint true.8th & I have always been one of those special places for the Corps. I hope it is a miss print.


09-10-02, 03:41 PM
The new MarAdmin states that SNCO's are required to wear white trousers with Dress Blues during summer months. And as far back as i can remember, Dress Blues are not authorized for liberty.

Sgt E