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02-16-04, 10:03 AM
Not sure how to do this. Just wanted to come aboard and say hello.

02-16-04, 10:06 AM
Welcome Aboard.

I am here in Stafford too!
If you have any questions about the site, let me or any other mod know and we can lock you on.


02-16-04, 10:14 AM
Welcome aboard Corporal; you could find a worse mentor than CAS3... LOL

Seriously, Colleen is a perfect choice if you need a guide. Be yourself, add what you can when you can, and have a skeptical eye on the rest of us... ;)

02-16-04, 10:15 AM
Welcome Aboard to the Best Marine Site on the net. Also welcome to your home away from home................
We have a great crew of Marines in here from WW II to the present............
Throw your sea bag in a corner, pull up a footlocker, sit and chat awhile.........




02-16-04, 10:37 AM
Welcome aboard Sister Marine, now you are one of the Few, the Proud, the Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine.
This is a site that you can learn about the past and also have fun on, get pi!!ed off, post your comments and reply to others. hoping to hear from you soon.
Semper Fi,


02-16-04, 10:38 AM
Welcome Aboard, BamaBelle99.
This is like doing a Junk-on-the-Bunk. You become adept the more you do it. Of course, it might take longer with twins to handle during your free time. And don't let the higher paygrades shake you. Your input is important and welcome.

Semper Fi!

02-16-04, 10:48 AM
And don't let the higher paygrades shake you. namgrunt is correct, the listing of paygrades is more of a history lesson of each members service.

Here on the board only one thing counts; we are all Marines or intrinsically tied to the Marines (Moms, Dads, sis, bro, supporter, etc).

Fire your salvos when ready; just be prepared for the return fire… :)

We are all equal here, well, ‘cept maybe dem thar moderators… LOL