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02-15-04, 12:58 PM
Attn: Jake Cohen, aka jakRoyalMarine.

It has been noted that in your initial profile you claim to be a Royal Marine Officer, not to mention a member of the Special Boat Service!

Comments that you have made in post to Leatherneck.com have led to both serving and former Royal Marines questioning your claims.

When you have been contacted regarding this your response has been rather defensive, even to offering violance that anyone should question your credentials.

It is now noted that you no longer wish to receive mail?

The fact that you are not on the Navy List as a serving Officer must be a mistake?

As you cannot be contacted direct I am sure you would not mind clearing this slight misnomer by confirming your service number, the name, rank and number format that you are cleared to give.

As it would seem that you were a JE what was your batch number?

I could also ask you for your number in the "book" but I feel that would be lost on you!!

I trust you can respond or perhaps people may think that Jake Cohen may be just another Walter.


09-13-08, 01:30 PM
Here is a post I placed onto the Royal Marines web site.
Any information you can add would be greatly appreciated.

It saddens me greatly to have to bring this to your attention.

I first knew of a Jacob Cohen in 1995 (ish), a person reporting to be a LT in the Royal Marines SAS/SBS. He contacted me and I corresponded with him until his death of cancer. I even said Yiddish for him at midnight, during the Marine Ball that year (which troubled me greatly).

His brother, Jake Cohen, contacted me after the funeral stating his brother had requested he contact me to pass on his beret (which I do have). He claimed to me to be an enlisted Royal Marine SAS, that served in the same unit as his brother. He also claimed PTSD for actions in Afghanistan

It is not proper to detail in here all the things I have been told and I have helped him through. It does sadden me greatly to tell you the following:
1. I was stationed in 3RDFORRECON from 1984 - 1996 when I made Chief. He claimes this duty as his.
2. I was then transferred to EODMU12 and was ordered twice to support missions with EODMU8 (1996 - 2003). He also claims this and I CAN validate he was never there - I was.

The things I have read on this site and others pains me to read as I have recently found out he has taken my missions, commands and duties as his own.

I am in the process of gathering information to proceed with an administrative hearing in a motorcycle club for Marines/Marine Corpsmen that he is currently a member of. He claimed he was (again) dying of cancer and the brothers here have gone out of their way to send him items to help him. Any information you can share with me that I can use in this determination session would be of great help.

jewishscottman was one of many email addresses he has used in communicating with me.

There are far too many coincidences that I have recently found that I cannot ignore any longer.

My sincerest apology for giving him the information he used to fool us all.

If need be, I am prepared to prove my service information and stand by for your responses.

Service 1978 - 2004.