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08-10-20, 10:21 PM
Im 16, and after putting a lot of thought into it, Ive decided that right after graduating high school Id like to join the marines with an MOS of either intelligence or infantry. Ive been told that I should make my motives clear. The reasons I want to join are:
1. Serving my country
2. Making unique experiences that will shape me into the best version of myself
3. Building strong relationships with good people whos backs I will always have and who will always have my back
Id like to first of all know what are the best ways to prepare myself, because Ive been told the becoming a marine is intense, and I want to be the best marine possible. The second thing Id like to know is the difference between intelligence and infantry as an mos. Im aware of the key differences, one being based around combat, and the other around information, but to make the best decision Id like to know what the day to day life is in each mos. Id also like to know the details of the risks of being an infantryman. I believe I am prepared to deal with them, but I want to know what they are before making that decision because I have a mother that worries a lot, so the last thing I want to do is hurt her.
Thank you for your time,

Zulu 36
08-11-20, 04:17 PM
I would say your reasons for becoming a Marine are good ones. Differences between intel and infantry are like night and day. You pretty well summed them up, but intel tends to be a butt in a seat, beating up a keyboard type of job. Infantry is very physical and hard on your body even when not being shot at.

There are a few other guys on this site who were grunts in Vietnam (I was a truck driver in Nam) and have stories to curl your toes. However, things are slightly different these days. More mobile ops, but those can be just as dangerous as humping your way around the battlefield, just a little less exhausting until you have to dismount. In Nam, they found ways to cut their load to a minimum, now you can't get away with what they did back then. Today's grunts with combat time still have stories to curl your toes.

Preparing to become a Marine recruit is fairly simple. The better physical shape you are in when you start boot camp, the easier it will be. You have to take a partial physical fitness test in order to ship to boot camp and then another on your first or second day there. I recommend you learn the requirements for a full Marine Corps PFT and CFT (Combat Fitness Test) and work out until you can meet or exceed the requirements. Running, pull ups, crunches, pushups, burpees, (Marines have a different and vulgar name for those), mountain-climbers, and other exercises. Also lookup on Google, the basic academics required of a recruit. General Orders, Core Values, etc. Like fitness, the more academics you already have in your head, the easier boot camp will be.

Boot camp won't be a joy no matter how fit or smart you are. The drill instructors will ALWAYS find ways to give you a memorable experience.

Once you turn 17 you can go see a recruiter. Legally they can't try to recruit you until then. The recruiter will provide you with information on the physical and academic requirements and you can attend PT sessions that they host. Once you enlist and are a Poolee, those PT sessions become semi-required. Make certain you get a contract with what you want to do on it. Do NOT accept an open contract. That means the Corps can pick your job for you and you'll be a cook or something else that will make you hate your life worse than normal.

08-12-20, 09:15 AM
The main difference between winners and losers are these;

Winners go for it
Losers simply say "I wish"

Cpl Keller
08-12-20, 09:21 AM
One thing to consider is that a job in Intel is more likely to lead to a similar job in the civilian world. Are you looking at the Marine Corps as a career? Or just want to serve your country for 4 or 8 years, then return to civilian life?

08-16-20, 12:49 PM
If you want to be a grunt become a Marine, but if intel is where your heart is at you will have a lot more options in the army. Joining the Marines and being anything other than a grunt is basically like dating the hottest girl on your cheer squad and all you two do is snuggle. If you're not 03 you're navy. Rah

08-17-20, 10:36 AM
As bitterman said, being an 0311 is the epitome of being a Marine.

In a crowd of 100 military men with only 1 being a Marine the Marine will stand out.

In a crowd of 100 Marines with only 1 being Marine Infantry, the Marine Infantry will stand out.

This is not something that most Marines will want to admit 2, but all Marines know this is true. How do I know, I was an 0311 and it changed my life.

03-21-21, 12:33 PM
Be fit as another poster said, weapons, mental, attitude. Strong body makes you confident. Learn about the weapons you will use and memorize their capabilities, how to clean them, take them apart, use them safely. You can’t pass if you can’t shoot. The mental part is because there’s a lot of guys in the military at that level who are rough. Many may have ended up in jail if they weren’t in the military. Start practicing martial arts and get into controlled fights with your friends. You will have an aura of someone who can handle himself. Attitude means get rid of not liking to be told what to do. Get rid of your selfish attitude for only you to survive and advance. You have to help each other so you can all pass. Never complain, learn to listen instead of talk, don’t talk about world politics. Most importantly don’t talk bad behind anyone’s back. That can get you into a fight and fined or kicked out. If someone asks you about so and so and so and so is a dick just say you don’t know the guy that well. Try to walk away and do something else or change the subject if your friend is asking.