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02-22-20, 08:57 PM
I was stationed at Okinawa in 1986 and was at H&HS-18 and was a LCPL. I did 4 wks training and my DD-214 says WGSCTYFOR. I was a 5937 Avaiation Radio Repairman. I can not find any info anywhere. I have Contacted Okinawa, Pentagon and old some old friends who were there. and no one knows. Does anyone know what we did or mission or ?? We did have to go to range for M16 and shoot shotgun and 45 Pistol. and shot at targets that went up and down. Was in 6/86 after we got back from TS-86. I was in great shape and won Marine in Month, very fast runner and very strong. They said we were hand selected but that could just be some crap. All I can remember is they said we would be guarding the President when he came and some other patrols. I remember alot back then at Oki but for some reason have a hard time remembering this. Some may know me, I also worked the flight line mess hall and was night cook and cooked the very big omlettes for you guys and you all loved my omlettes!!! and did pull armory guard detail for a while (A month duty). Any info would be appreciated. Feel free to also email if thats okay jerryjaysr and thats at yahoo. Thanks. I served also at MASS-1. Was in 1983 to 1987 Semper Fi

02-23-20, 06:28 AM
it could mean that you are/were qualified for those specific weapons for a security force using those types of weapons...
just a wild guess but the designation does bring up under security force ops when search under that designation...

02-23-20, 10:09 AM
I do remember walking base perimeter and then driving somewhere a few times. We had maybe 6 of us sometimes. Was a small team. We did a lot of shooting that I remember. And actually had live ammo, even when we went out. Just not sure where we went when we did. A few times at night I remember. Not 100% sure where we did all the shooting/training at. I do remember getting extra shots/injections there. We even had some civilians there, but not sure what they did. My wife says its like a Jason Bourne movie....maybe just too dang hot/humid to do all the training during the day?

03-01-20, 07:05 PM
I just met someone stationed at Germany in 1987 in a Reboot class and he did the same thing except was just Security Task Force and was trained for 4-5 weeks before going. He went out for a day or 2 and then back to his regular unit or just back. Cant say the things that happened as since we both have Secret and Final Secret Clearance cannot. And he did this for several months and wasn't his actual MOS either but something he did and was allowed to go with no notice when they needed him and 5 other guys. He can remember more than I do but I still have a few months where I am having a hard time but I do remember NOT shooting at Futenma (pistol and shotgun) but at a different base. and remember driving at night they would pick us up at in a truck at the barracks, I just saw a picture of myself wearing a different a different lighter helmet then the ones issued to us. We did wear the regular camos. Seems we didnt have these units back in USA where I was stationed (California or North Carolina). I did some looking and very similar to training the grunts did that were also on Marine Corps Security Force according to my buddy and what I can remember. The odd thing is some of my Okinawa records never followed me and all of my buddies records got lost. A good friend in the Pentagon can not even find his records. Hate to say this but my guess as well as his is they were destroyed. The "Cold War" period was different than now

03-02-20, 08:40 AM
yup, I can relate as to records being "lost" for certain units..

03-02-20, 03:57 PM
MY one buddy went over to "middle east" the day after 9/11 and the stories he as (my same MOS too) and it showed up in the media (I finally found out some of the what the Harriers were for!!!!) He spent 28 years in the Marines and got out and none of his Field Data or records showed any DS or TDY associated with that deployment. Seems his records were just not "complete". And of course when he got back, no one did anything. I loved being in the Marines and I can understand some secrecy but to deny Marines that they have served somewhere is just not right. I guess it was diplomacy with other Nations and NATO. But when it happens to you it just ****es you off, but we are better off I guess as a Nation to have served!! Semper Fi..

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03-07-20, 03:55 PM
we did Help guard the president, but we did also perimeter checks around the base and remember driving alot and doing the same. So is that what you think or know the accroynm?? I know spelling....Was told was Wing Security but my own unit could be wrong since they didnt train us the 4 weeks,