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Effective immediately, Marine Corps Order (MCO) 11000.22 has been updated to MCO 11000.22 W/CH 4.1.

Companion animals will now be allowed in barracks rooms. This change comes alongside limitations to field day formations. Under the new MCO, Marines in the barracks will be allowed to keep one of the specified animals (listed below) in their barracks room. Each Marine is limited to one animal, which may not be of the same type due to breeding concerns.

Before a Marine obtains an animal to keep as a pet, they must submit a package to their command to show they are responsible enough to keep the animal. The package will include a copy of the Marine’s training record, a signed letter of approval and certification that the Marine has completed the Pet Care and Training 100.1 class. Commanders may add extra specifications but may not remove from the above list.

Once a Marine has selected an animal to keep it must be micro-chipped, immunized and/or assessed by a licensed pet care representative. All animals will be given an identification card to be kept by the owner and carried whenever outside the place of residence. A photo must also be submitted to the command with a copy of the pet’s identification, for documentation purposes.

While not at the place of residence on any military installation, pets will be required to wear a reflective belt to ensure their safety and protection.

List of acceptable pets:
Dogs (excludes Pitbull, Boxer, Dobermans, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Chihuahua, American Staffordshire Terriers, Great Pyereness, Great Dane, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, Dogo Argentino, English Mastif, Mastifs, Boerboel, Presa Canario, Caucasian Shepard), cats, fish (smaller than 6 in.), bearded dragons (must be kept within grooming standards) and hedgehogs. Rodents and rabbits will not be kept in the barracks under any circumstance.

Happy April Fool's Day, III MEF! :bunny:

04-01-19, 05:19 AM
You old Fart.....as I read this, I was getting my passive comment rehearsed.....hope it snows all day where you live.....

USMC 2571
04-03-19, 08:36 AM
Mike fooled me too, I was just about to post some outrageous comments about today's society. LOL

USMC 2571
04-04-19, 08:01 AM
From Kimmer----she can't post in this section:

Will you post this for me on Mike's April Fools Day post please
He fooled me too, I was ecstatic seeing all the vicious dog breeds being banned and I immediately started fantasizing about sexy Marines all snuggling in their barracks with their little Yorkies and Pugs. I even Googled Bearded Dragons to see how they could be groomed.