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09-08-02, 03:23 PM
Welcome to the 9-11 Memorial Quilt.

We are building a tribute to all the people lost in the attacks of September 11, 2001 - those we knew, those we didn't, and those we would aspire to be. This quilt is an expression of sorrow & remembrance, and we'd like you to become a part of it. Just give us your name, your message, and the place you call home. We will combine your information with the work of our fine artists to create a one-of-a-kind patch. Your patch will be added to the quilt, building a unique website which will stand as a testament to our strength, our unity, and our commitment to freedom.




09-08-02, 03:29 PM
9-11 by Don Warshaw

September 11th dawned sunny and bright
Whoever knew what would fall before night.
The towers were filled with people at work
They had jobs to do, which they could not shirk.

The airplanes were loaded and ready to fly
The passengers not knowing they would soon die.
The terrorists climbed aboard with the others
To wreck havoc on all of our sisters and brothers.

American Flight Number 11
Hit the North Tower at floor 97
While Americans watched in shocked dismay
They did not know there would be more that day.

United Flight Number 175
To it’s destination it would not arrive
It hit the South Tower with a big fire ball.
While those disbelieving watched it all.

American Flight Number 77
Had left from Dulles at 8:11
Into the Pentagon spreading fire and death,
While we who looked on stood holding our breath.

Back in New York, the South Tower fell
With ashes and concrete it was pure hell.
Police and firefighters rushed out to meet
The ash and smoke rolling down the street

The world was shocked but in less than an hour
We would see the collapse of the North Tower
How many people would be buried alive?
How many people were bound to survive?

Just when we thought we had see it all
An airphone operator got the call
The last words she heard was ‘OK Let’s roll’
No one would know the ultimate goal.

United Flight Number 93
Crashed in the field just over the tree.
The passengers tried with all their might
They banded together to take back their flight.

The terrorists died in Allah’s name
They knew they wouldn’t have fortune or fame.
Their motive later their leader would boast
Was to get America where it hurt the most.

Our nation did not bow down that day
We are in this together come what may.
From terrorists we won’t run and hide
We’ll stand and show our patriotic pride. (C)