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12-26-18, 04:28 PM
<figcaption class="C($c-fuji-grey-h) Fz(13px) Py(5px) Lh(1.5)" title="A new report suggests that Donald Trumpís diagnosis of bone spurs may have been made at the request of his father, Fred Trump (pictured with his son in 1985). (Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage)" data-reactid="17">A new report suggests that Donald Trumpís diagnosis of bone spurs may have been made at the request of his father, Fred Trump (pictured with his son in 1985). (Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage)
As President Trump (https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/tagged/donald-trump) faces criticism for being the first president not to visit U.S. troops on Christmas (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-troops-visit_us_5c23005be4b0407e907e8c18)since 2002 (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-troops-visit_us_5c23005be4b0407e907e8c18) ó he chose a to hold a video conference (https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-takes-calls-children-want-santa-claus-010917932--politics.html) this year ó comes a new claim that could inflict further damage on his reputation with the military.
On Wednesday, the New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/26/us/politics/trump-vietnam-draft-exemption.html) reported that the two daughters of a late Queens podiatrist are going public with a claim that their father diagnosed the future president with bone spurs in 1968 as a favor to his landlord, Trump patriarch Fred C. Trump. The diagnosis allowed Donald Trump to get a medical exemption that allowed him to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.
Dr. Elysa Braunstein and Sharon Kessel ó the daughters of Dr. Larry Braunstein, who died in 2007 ó say their father was one of Fred Trumpís tenants at the time, setting up his podiatry practice in the Trump-owned Edgerton Apartments in Jamaica, Queens. Though they are unsure whether their dad actually examined the then 22-year-old Donald Trump, the sisters say that he often spoke of signing off on the diagnosis that kept Trump out of the war. The doctor also gave them the impression that Trump didnít actually have bone spurs, but he said otherwise to help keep him out of the draft, they say.
ďI know it was a favor,Ē Braunstein told the New York Times, noting her fatherís cordial relationship with Trumpís real estate developer father.
ďWhat he got was access to Fred Trump,Ē she added. ďIf there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and Trump would take care of it immediately. That was the small favor that he got.Ē
The sisters say they recall their fatherís friend and fellow podiatrist, Dr. Manny Weinstein, was also somehow involved with the bone spur diagnosis. Weinstein died in 1995.
No medical records corroborate the sistersí claims, but Trump has been vague about how he got the diagnosis. Though he has hinted that he has records of his medical history, they have not been made public, and he has previously admitted he did not remember his doctorís name. `The White House has not responded to questions about Braunsteinís alleged involvement.
Trumpís bone spur diagnosis has been mocked by critics, who have accused him of pulling strings to avoid being sent to war. Now, the Times report has set off a new wave of ridicule and speculation.

12-26-18, 06:48 PM
More junk news from the left,most "news" isn't saying anything about Trump being in Iraq. https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-makes-surprise-visit-205636923.html

12-27-18, 09:53 AM
Yah got Men like Chuck Schumer whom gotta outta serving in the US Armed forces by taking it in the A$$ by other Men nothing wrong with his feet :sick:

12-27-18, 11:37 AM
Back then taking it in the A$$ would have gotten him out of the draft as well, we weren't taking any sissies back then.

12-27-18, 03:58 PM
If you was a sissy....it wasn't smart to let anyone know about it....

12-27-18, 05:19 PM
yep, all of the networks are looking like total dipwads over this visiting the Troops nonsense...

12-27-18, 07:05 PM
The Sissifaction of Network Journalism

12-30-18, 06:14 AM
I think they compete, to see which one can blow the most smoke up your azz. They are masterful at turning a very simple news article into a global catastrophic event. Being a great propagandist is all you need on your resume to excel as a news journalist in America.......Telling the honest truth, is instant termination.....

12-30-18, 08:06 AM
It ainít a new Phenomenon thatís for sure...Journalists...have been despised for many Centuries all over the Planet...itís like the Old Eagles song ďDirty LaundryĒ...