View Full Version : looking for former USN Captain/ Marine Major

11-05-18, 05:17 PM
Did a search on line for a Fred C Lash...found out he got out as a Marine Major and writes articles for both the Leatherneck and the Gazette..1974 Fred Lash was a US Navy Captain and our CO up at Naval Support Thurmont , otherwise known as Camp David , Maryland. I was a Cpl in Security Company 8th & I...Havent talked nor seen Capt Lash since I got out in 1976. Anybody know how I may contact him either phone call or email message? Chatted early this morning with another Marine I served with. Found his name on a 8th & I website and sent him a message asking if he was ever a Sgt back in 74 with Security company. Came back that yes it was him.