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10-28-18, 05:31 PM
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Have you noticed their great shoes ? The media says they wear flip flops ! <br />
The Hondurans in the caravan, the 7,000 people walking north to America, where do they go...

Melvin Jeffries
10-28-18, 05:45 PM
Great post Billy. I have wondered about the pictures we were seeing on TV. It seems to show to many people that don't show the effects of all the miles they are supposed to have been covering by foot.

Your questions are spot on Billy and need to be addressed as to why everyone seems to be well fed and clean, and yes were does all the shet go. It takes a lot of water to keeps these people going just for drinking, how are they keeping so clean looking and the men for a large part are clean shaven, most look very fresh and healthy to me???

10-28-18, 08:47 PM
Fakes, equals fakes. Just saying.

10-28-18, 09:00 PM
Mostly able bodied men that should be marching against their own government rather than marching towards our border.

10-29-18, 04:48 AM
Mostly able bodied men that should
be marching against their own government
rather than marching
towards our border.

Just goes to show
what can't happen when only

the Government & the Military
have the only guns-

10-29-18, 06:59 AM
That's a good point, Ed. However, it's not our problem. We have enough problems to deal with as it is. Besides, They seem to be proud of their Country....many are carrying their countries Flag....how does that equate oppression...

10-31-18, 12:51 PM
The Illegal Rat line~~~~~~what makes anyone think that these Balless young Men would ever fight for America, if the Chit hit the Fan;if they don’t have enough Balls too fight for their Own homeland ? The VietCong had more Guts and than any of these Dem Liberal Rat F**K$

10-31-18, 02:36 PM
these clowns are nothing more than "paid professional protesters", their "day job" is as likely as not, drug and/or "coyote" running.... they will do anything for money, and the SOROS / CLINTON FOUNDATION is also as likely as not the source of financing and organizing for this BS "caravan"... they don't want JOBS, something that Mexico offered them, these peop0le are freeloaders, and are coming here because they are being paid to do so, and because they believe they can force their way into the US and collect on a lot of "free $hit benefits"..... they, the people that organized and funded them, and the rest of South / Central America, along with the UN needs to be shown that National Borders are REAL, and that you do not force your way into someone's home or property without invitation... when you attempt to illegally enter just about any other country (think Russia or the former Soviet Union) you will be lucky to survive the attempt.... Shoot them as they attempt to cross the border, I seriously doubt it would take more than a half dozen shots before the entire "caravan" dispersed and went back where they came from.... this "politically correct" BS of the US having to please the world at the expense of it's own taxpaying citizens needs to go away forever... to hell with south and central America, and all of these other "US Haters" as well, stop all foreign aid to these countries and keep our business "in house".. it would be better for US, and nobody cares what it does to THEM or their "economy"....... JMHO...