View Full Version : Avionics Technician vs. Aviation Mechanic

10-24-18, 07:20 PM
Hi, i recently went to MEPS last august and have been to a few weeks worth of PT's. But now it is time for me to choose an official MOS. I would like to pursue a job in the air wing. However, i dont know which job i should pick. Im looking for a job which leads to a strong job after retirement and the two i have been looking into are Avionics tech. and aviation mechanic. Would any Marines help me choose by explaining which job does what and leads to a good life after the Marines?

10-25-18, 06:31 AM
Avionics Tech would be more to the trouble shooting or working with the electronics area of the instruments and making sure they are up to date and working properly also what was known in my day as spark chasing making sure the wiring is secure and not frayed or shorting-out.

Aviation Mach. could have to do with a few areas. 1) is making sure the craft is in good structural condition, and /or 2) working with the engines itself, IE changing engines in and out of aircraft, overhauls, maintenance, etc.

how ever both are very well paying jobs after retirement, and are highly sot after.

good luck, keep us posted.

some changes are no doubt, different now a days, so someone with more knowledge of today's Aviation jobs should be along to help you