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08-22-18, 09:54 AM
Marines’ Menu Modified to Combat Chubby Leathernecks’ Desire for Fattening Food <br />
<br />
In order to trim their ranks, the Marine Corps has recruited a sports dietician to change service members’ dining...

08-22-18, 01:49 PM
I'll always remember our gourmet meals like duck, we'd duck in and duck right out. They ought to put the fat bodies on C-rats for a year, they'll lose a lot of weight.

08-22-18, 04:50 PM
Russ, I remember many times we had to ration our C-rats. Of course we had plenty of Leechs and bugs to chow down on.....just saying...

08-22-18, 04:51 PM

08-22-18, 07:18 PM
Marines aren't chubby because of the chow in MREs or the chowhall, it's because of all the fast food they eat and alcohol they drink in garrison.

08-22-18, 09:11 PM
Yessir Russ...Duck Soup

Tennessee Top
08-23-18, 01:44 PM
Like Rich said. Nobody is obligated to eat in their messhalls. They're issued a meal card so they can eat their if they wish. Messhalls can have all the healthy foods in them they want, that does not mean Marines will eat any of it. Dominos delivery to the barracks is still just a phone call away, and the Burger King by the main exchange is just a short drive without leaving base. It's a nice thought, and healthier options are way past due, but for those Marines avoiding their messhall in favor of fast food, doesn't mean a whole lot.