View Full Version : Looking for info on the 45xx field.

03-31-18, 11:14 PM
Good day Gents, Iím looking for any information in the new 45xx field. Any advice from any Combat Camera ir Public Affaires Marines would be very appreciated. Thanks.

05-29-18, 07:07 PM
Hi Jester. Was surfing around this site and your post caught my attention. The 45xx field is a composite of several journalism and photo MOS, 43xx and 46xx respectfully. I was in the Marine Corps combat camera section (MS 4681-91 before the change) from 1964 to 1968. Towards the end of my next to last year I spent my tour as a combat cameraman in Vietnam. You can find more of my background by Googling my name, "Frank Lee, Combat Camera USMC"

If you have strong writing skills and can visually compose and shoot with a camera, still or video, the 45xx is a field you might want to consider. I won't go into the details but to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. No question this MOS has opened numerous opportunities. If interested, RSVP and I'll share. Til next time, look up Combat Cameraman, U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents and you'll find more about us. Semper fi.