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03-31-18, 06:37 PM
At bootcamp, do they feed us breakfast before we pt? Or do we wake up and automatically start pt then eat? Iím only asking because Iíve got in such a routine eating the second I get up and then working out.

Zulu 36
04-01-18, 07:40 AM
Prepare for a lot of your routines to change. I can tell you this. You WON'T be eating the second you get up.

04-01-18, 07:50 AM
The only thing I can say, is, .....the first day at boot-camp, you will fill out papers, pertaining to your previous routines before boot-camp. Your D.I.'s will work out your daily training schedule based on what your used to. The mess hall usually stays open until 10 a.m. for those used to eating a late breakfast, or you can opt out for Brunch at 11 a.m. P.T. is optional, depending on how you feel that morning. Physical conditioning is only mandated for those going into the 03 field. Those going into the Infantry are required to spend at least 20 minutes a day exercising. Exercising can be done in the Barracks, out side in the Garden, or down at the recruit Gym.

04-01-18, 09:26 AM
A recruit must take into consideration of what times their haircuts and manicures are. The Drill instructors are very considerate of this, because they want their troupes to look their best!

04-01-18, 11:43 AM
it won't matter

anybody that asks the same question
starting two different threads in two places....

will NO doubt -

once the "recruit" reaches MCRD[PI]