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01-05-18, 03:48 PM
Alright so here is the situation I am in and I would like other peoples opinions and two-cents. <br />
<br />
I am 22 years old, relatively fit, and have just received my associates degree (business...

01-05-18, 04:13 PM
For what it's worth! Finish your education; get a degree in a field that you are interested in. Join the Corps; fulfill your desire to be a Marine; at the end of six years; either get out or make it a career and hopefully in the field that you have a degree in.

01-05-18, 04:58 PM

So are you on a Reserve contract now waiting to ship? My personal advice is to do what I tried to (couldn't because I'm too blind and couldn't get a vision waiver for PLC/OCS):

1. Get through boot camp,
2. Go on to MCT and MOS school,
3. Stay in college and go for PLC/OCS

Enlisted commissioning program has always been extremely hard to get into, a few of our members can tell you more about that. But go for the commission by all means, and good luck to ya!

01-05-18, 05:41 PM
Go to college, and while in college, join Navy ROTC. That might help you get money for school and put you on the path to be an officer. You might get to pick the Marine Option as soon as you start since you would be a junior. If for some reason you wash out from the officer training program, you would:
1) Still have your degree
2) You would still have the option of enlisting in the Marine Corps.

01-05-18, 06:26 PM
Get your 4-year degree and join the Marine Corps as an officer.

01-06-18, 09:24 AM
currently on a reserve contract now

01-06-18, 10:37 AM
Have you gone to Boot Camp yet? If not, then District commanding officers may effect discharges for members of the DEP and SMCR awaiting IADT under the provisions contained in the current edition of...

01-09-18, 12:05 PM
I enlisted in the Marine Corps as a private ($98 a month), picked up PFC out of PI and was offered OCS out of boot camp (a degree was not required at the time). I turned it down as it required a 6...