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John Kerry And
The MIA Cover-Up

Memos of John F. McCreary April 27, 1992

Memorandum for: Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action
From: John F. McCreary
Subject: Legal Misconduct and Possible Malpractice in the Select Committee

1. As a member of the Virginia State Bar, I am obliged by Disciplinary Rule DR-1-103(a) to report knowledge of misconduct by an attorney "to a tribunal or other authority empowered to investigate or act upon such violations." Under Rule IV, Paragraph 13, of the Rules for the integration of the Virginia State Bar, this obligation follows me as a member of the Bar, regardless of the location of my employment, for as long as I remain a member of the Virginia State Bar. Therefore, I am obliged, as a matter of law and under pain of discipline by the Virginia State Bar, to report to you my knowledge of misconduct and possible prima facie malpractice by attorneys on the Select Committee in ordering the destruction of Staff documents containing Staff intelligence findings on 9 April 1992 and in statements in meetings on 15 and 16 April to justify the destruction.

2. The attached Memoranda For the Record, one by myself and another by Mr. Jon D. Holstine, describe the relevant facts, which I summarize herein:

a. On 9 April 1992, the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, in response to a protest by other members of the Select Committee, told the Select Committee members that "all copies" would be destroyed. This statement was made in the presence of the undersigned and of the Staff Chief Counsel who offered no protest.

b. Later on 9 April 1992, the Staff Director, Frances Zwenig, an attorney, repeated and insured the execution of Senator Kerry's order for the destruction of the Staff intelligence briefing text. I personally delivered to Mr. Barry Valentine, the Security Manager for SRB-78, the original printed version of the intelligence briefing text. I also verified that the original was destroyed by shredding in the Office of Senate Security on 10 April 1992, along with 14 copies.

c. On 15 April 1992, the Staff Chief Counsel, J. William Codinha of Massachusetts, when advised by members if the Staff about their concerns over the possible criminal consequences of destroying documents, minimized the significance of the act of destruction; ridiculed the Staff members for expressing their concerns; and replied, in response to questions about the potential consequences, "Who's the injured party," and "How are they going to find out because its classified." Mr. Codinha repeatedly defended the destruction of the documents and gave no assurances or indications that any copies of the intelligence briefing text existed.

d. On 16 April, the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Senator John Kerry, stated that he gave the order to destroy "extraneous copies of the documents" and that no one objected. Moreover, he stated that the issue was "moot" because the original remained in the Office of Senate Security "all along."

e. I subsequently learned that the Staff Director had deposited a copy of the intelligence briefing text in the Office of Senate Security at 1307 on 16 April.

3. The foregoing facts establish potentially a prima facie violation of criminal law and a pattern of violations of legal ethics by attorneys in acts of commission and omission.

a. It is hornbook law that an attorney may not direct the commission of a crime. In this incident two attorneys, one by his own admission, ordered the destruction of documents, which could be violation of criminal law.

b. Neither the Staff Chief Counsel nor any member of the Select Committee made a protest or uttered words of caution against the destruction of documents, by admission of the Chairman, Senator Kerry. The Chief Counsel has an affirmative duty to advise the Staff about the legality of its actions, and, in fact, had earlier issued the general prohibition to the Staff against document destruction.

c. The Chief Counsel's statements during the 15 April meeting to discuss the document destruction showed no regard for the legality of the action and displayed to the Staff only a concern about getting caught. By his words and actions, he presented to the Staff investigators an interpretation of the confidentiality and security rules that the rules of the Select Committee may be used to cover-up potentially unethical or illegal activity.

d. The Staff Director's action in placing an unaccounted for copy of the intelligence briefing text in the Office of Senate Security on 16 April constitutes an act to cover-up the destruction. Throughout the 16 April meeting, all three attorneys persisted in stating that the document had been on file since 9 April. This is simply not true.

4. I believe that the foregoing facts establish a pattern of grave legal misconduct - possibly including orders to commit a crime, followed by acts to justify and then to cover-up that crime. Even absent criminal liability, the behavioral pattern of the attorneys involved plays fast and loose with the Canons of Legal Ethics and establishes that one or more of the attorneys on the Select Committee are unfit to practice law. I am obliged to recommend that this report be filed with the appropriate disciplinary authorities of the State Bars in which these attorneys are members.

John F. McCreary, Esquire

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October 30, 1992
Memorandum for the Record

From: John F. McCreary
Subject: Obstruction of the Investigation

1. I am concerned that recent lines of investigation have been seriously compromised by leaks of sensitive information by the Committee Staff Director to the Department of Defense. Leaks to the Department of Defense or other agencies of the Executive Branch of my Memoranda for the Record are interfering with follow-up discussions with useful witnesses. Moreover, they are endangering the lives and livelihood of two witnesses.

Leak of Information on Jan Sejna

2. Irrespective of leaks outside the government, Bill LeGro, attended a meeting of the US-Russia Joint Commission group in Washington on 28 October 1992 at the Department of State. The discussion featured information provided by Sejna. LeGro stated that Ambassador Malcolm Toon called for his dismissal. DIA personnel defended Sejna as to his expertise on Central Europe, but not as to his information on other areas, particularly POW related.

4. On 30 October 1992, I learned from Bill LeGro that he was directed to read a letter from the Central Intelligence Agency to the Select Committee that discredits Sejna's information. The letter reportedly indicates that Sejna's information has been checked and not been confirmed by his former government. At the time this letter was received, the Staff had decided to take Sejna's deposition but had not yet scheduled a deposition of Sejna. In addition, my MFR was written from memory, and did not do justice to all that Sejna stated, either in detail or in context. As of this writing, we do not know what Sejna knows or will say under oath, yet his testimony has already been written off. This anticipatory discrediting of a Select Committee potential witness is tantamount to tampering with the evidence.

Suspected Leak of Information on Le Quang Khai

5. The second issue of suspected misconduct concerns witness Le Quang Khai. Although Le made a public statement concerning POWs on 12 September 1992, no agency of the US government contacted him concerning his POW information. He told me on 26 October that some men who represented themselves as FBI agents contacted him to attempts to recruit him to return to Vietnam as a US intelligence agent for six months. After which his request for asylum would be favorably considered.

6. On 30 October, Mr. Robert Egan of Hackensack, New Jersey, who is a close friend of Mr. Le and the intermediary whereby the Committee Staff met Mr. Le, informed McCreary and LeGro that the FBI had again contacted Mr. Le. A person representing himself as an FBI person called on 30 October to set up a meeting with Le to discuss Le's working as an intelligence agent for the FBI's POW/MIA office.

7. So far informal checks indicate there is no such office. Secondly, this contact occurred three days after my return from taking Le's deposition in Hackensack on 26 October. I observed a copy of the MFR with apparent routing designators written in the top margin on the desk of Frances Zwenig on 28 October.

8. The contact with Le two days after preparation of my MFR, despite the passage of a month since his public declarations, is highly suspicious and more than coincidental. The circumstances of both contacts in which persons identifying themselves as FBI without showing credentials or other evidence of authenticity or authority and also making a pitch to recruit Le are also highly suspicious.

9. An internal Department of Defense Memorandum identifies Frances Zwenig as the conduit to the Department of Defense for the acquisition of sensitive and restricted information from this Committee. Based on the above sequences of events, I must conclude that Frances Zwenig continues to leak all of my papers to the Defense Department. Her flagrant disregard of the rules of the Senate and her oath of office are now jeopardizing the livelihood, if not the safety, of Senate witnesses. In addition, the Department of Defense's continuing access to sensitive Committee Staff papers is resulting in obstruction of the investigations by the Senate Select Committee by various agencies of the Executive Branch.

John F. McCreary

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May 3, 1992 <br />
<br />
Memorandum for: <br />
Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action <br />
<br />
From: John F. McCreary <br />
<br />
Subject: ...

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Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by John Kerry to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations <br />
<br />
April 23, 1971 <br />

02-06-04, 01:01 PM
to FREEBIRD and all Members

Memorandum for:
Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Prisoners of War and Missing in Action

This can be found on the net by typing John F. Mcreary and clicking on ALL POW -MIA -McCreary Memoranda - SSC

Good reading.

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A great deal of food for thought. Kerry should have been investigated back in '92-93 for his ordering documents destroyed. If Oliver North can be tried, so can John Kerry.

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Any former, present day military person, who served his/her country, who is working with this A****HOLE, deserves what he/she gets.............Bush ain't no saint, but this J****0****is a pile of dung.

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Amen, Brother, BigEagle6 you got it all right!!!

Dinky Dow MFER, and anybody who votes for him is the same!!!


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Thanks for the website!
I'll check it out when I log off.

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Its good to see that some dirt is coming out about this guy.. He is the poster boy for dem's .. I am not really sure why? the guy looks like a underdressed Bill Clinton.. with bad hair but all of us know that Republican's take the heat and dem's do the damage not that there satan but I think that we have the right man for the job in office right now and what is the point of taking him out of office.. he has dealt with extreme diffuclult situations and to me has done a great job just my 2 cents

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Every word of the John McCreary report is true. It should also be noted that John McCain co-chaired this Senate Select Committee and was just as guilty as Kerry in sabotaging it. Both insisted that the POW/MIA issue was dead and should no longer be persued. In fact, staffers were threatened with prosecution if they continued to persue and gather evidence about the existance of POW's and MIA's . Why? Kerry and McCains rich real estate friends were whispering in their ears about making deals in Vietnam. But this would not happen if the POW?MIA issue remained alive as an irritant to Hanoi. I don't give a rat's butt about his medals and his so-called service in Viet Nam. To me he is a traitor because of his sympathizing and fraternizing with the enemy when he came home. If you know anything at all about history, Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest American General's during the Revolutionary War. Yet he couldn't resist selling out his own country to the British with a masterful plan to destroy West Point. Think about it. Is John Kerry any more or less of a Benedict Arnold? We Vets know the true color of this guy's stripes. Unfortunately, the stupid electorate out there does not no more than they know that John Kerry's grandfather was an Austrian Jew who changed the name from Kohn to Kerry in the mid-1900's. I hope the Irish in Boston aren't that stupid not to know this. Kerry's initials are JFK. This has me very worried.

02-10-04, 10:24 AM
"Unfortunately, the stupid electorate out there does not no more than they know that John Kerry's grandfather was an Austrian Jew who changed the name from Kohn to Kerry in the mid-1900's...."

Well I was wondering when the first hints of racism and anti-semetic blather would show up!

Here it is !

And of course everyone WHO MAY NOT agree with your preceptive comments is STUPID....??

I am worried too....but perhaps for different reason than you !

02-10-04, 11:03 AM
Nothing anti-semetic intended at all. Joe Lieberman is certainly a Jew and I have great respect for him. Too bad he couldn't get his act together. He's probably the smartest and most sincere of all the candidates. Not all of the electorate is stupid, but a great deal are. After all, New Yorkers elected the Dragon Lady. The bottom line is "what you see is what you get". Getting backto Kerry, the media and most veterans know all about Kerry's background. It's not any issue at alli the campaign and shouldn't be. Kerry simply wants to hide it. What Kerry's views are regarding our country is what it's all about, and I have the right not to share his political thoughts. He's not going to win anyway, so I "rest my case" to let the jury decide.

02-10-04, 01:00 PM
The jury once picked Bill Clinton over an incumbant War President that was a WWII fighter pilot, and he was even shot down once. When do the Republicans start their race?

02-10-04, 01:37 PM
Ms. Sheehan:

Your comment(s), I believe, stand as you wrote them: Subsequent comment, not withstanding, are not particularly convincing.

Also "Not all of the electorate is stupid, but a great deal are.." Somehow I bet you see yourself as "right" and those that don't agree with you as "stupid".

You are correct that you have every right to believe and speak what you wish and to not share "his political thought". I certainly can't speak for Kerry but I am certain he appreciates that you DON"T share his beliefs.

Have a nice day.

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Originally posted by airframesguru

ok, not saying I agree with what Kerry did,,, but do I have to worry about who might be sitting in front of me at a rally, concert etc????

now, I dont think that he was right in protesting the war when he got back, but that was his RIGHT to do so.....

I wish that there would be some way for a non-politician to be elected but can't see that happening either

all I know,, is that I don't want President Bush to do a second term,, the economy stinks, and there are too many still dying in Iraq,,, I supported him when he made the decision to go there even though I didn't necessarily agree,,,
and now my son is heading over there for his second tour...
I am not a happy mom,, I am a proud mom,,, just not a happy one

02-12-04, 06:46 AM
In other words, a two-faced opportunist.

02-12-04, 10:30 AM
Once, I told some of my co-workers..."You get the leadership, you deserve".
I told them that because the bosses that would treat them fair, they crap on, but the boss that dogged them all day, the would shake with fear.
I never had any problem with that boss, because he knew that I would do more than my share.
Another thing I told my co-workers, "You don't have to kiss anybody rear end, just do what you think you have to do to protect your job".
Regardless of the outcome of this year election...will the American people, get the leadership they deserve?
Much is being said about "Special Interest" money by both leading candiates,
But hasn't it always been about money...
Why would millionares seek an office that pays less than their worth...

Semper Fidelis

02-12-04, 10:44 AM
Phoney! I'd rather be dead than vote for an anti-war demonstrator who is with the likes of Hanoi Jane! No way! Bush has got my vote!

03-27-04, 05:31 PM
"Unfortunately, the stupid electorate out there does not no more than they know that John Kerry's grandfather was an Austrian Jew who changed the name from Kohn to Kerry in the mid-1900's...."

I didn't know that John Kerry was a Jew, hell I may even vote for him nowLOL