View Full Version : Will my tattoos stop me from becoming a marine?

11-14-17, 06:23 AM
Okay so i have done research on the new marine tattoo policy. No head, neck, hand, knee cap and elbow tattoos. Everything i have read says 2 inches from elbow. The ones im concerned about are the 3 on the upper arm ane my foot and ankle. My foot and ankle are a bunch of small tattoos i can cover up with my hand, but not all at once. I also have the NC state outline on my inner bicep and a eyeball on the front of my bicep. An inch and a half from where my arm bends. Is that considered my elbow? Is it worth my time checking with a recruiter or am i to far gone to even give it a shot? Any advice helps. Thank you
P.s. i tried to attach a photo but it says i need credits.

11-14-17, 07:56 AM
if they are covered when clothed, whether it be in short sleeved or PT gear, I don't believe you will have a problem, the problem will be if they can be seen when clothed.

some people will be along that can give more current information, I read where the Corps was relaxing some of the tats. regs.