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11-10-17, 09:49 AM
I'm the son of a nam vet jarhead (68-69). Just wanted to say happy birthday on your special day. Semper Fi.

USMC 2571
11-12-17, 06:38 PM
Thank you--- I don't think anyone saw this, in this section that is kind of an out of the way place on the forum.

12-04-17, 12:22 AM
Someone's birthday handiest comes round once a 12 months so in case you are going to ship them birthday wishes then it desires to be particular at the same time as nonetheless having your very own aptitude. Birthday needs have the ability to make a person smile, snicker, sense gratitude or be inspired depending on what you would like to specific.

12-04-17, 03:01 PM
Honey, They're talking about the Marine Corps birthday. Celebrated every year on November 10, since 1775, 242 years of standing tall for our country.

04-21-18, 05:31 AM
Belated Happy Birthday.