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09-17-17, 02:08 AM
Hey fellas,

Thought I should introduce myself since I'm new to the site. I'm Austin, I was in the National Guard (Infantry) for three years and I'm currently trying to enlist in the Marines. I just had a few questions, mainly about the Fire Support Man MOS.

I know you enlist on the 08 field, is it luck of the draw to get 0861 or what? Also what's the day to day and what's the training like for an 0861?

Thanks guys.

06-10-18, 04:06 PM
Hello, I am using this since i cannot create my own atm for some reason. I am a CPL currently on IRR. I realize my mistake in getting out of active duty. I have tried to put a PSEP package to re-enlist through a general recruiter out in town, however I feel he is slow in action and says I have to wait until Oct. for when slots open up. I contacted a prior service recruiter but he only deals in going into the Reserves. I am told my contract ends sept. and that I need to extend he. He says the best way to go about this and re-enlist active is to extend and join local reserve unit using IRR, and submit a PSEP through career planner. I am worried I am getting jerked around a little here. My goal is to go active, not reserve, I did a little over a year after I got out active and I do not like it in comparison to being fully active. I love my job *0341* I love my Corps. I just want to get back in as quick as possible. Any help with this would be much appreciated, Thank you.