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sgt t3
08-31-17, 12:59 AM
today i meet a ww2 vet was in the corp as a flying sergent he told me that their were only 118 that flew as ank as sgt he flew combat mission i did not know of this but his son has pictures of him and the corser that he flew the man 21 yos older then me was in better shape and ahandskake thatwas very strong i thanked him for th servie he gave our country and i hope to see him at the car cruise again next year

08-31-17, 07:18 AM
I started PI in Jan 67 and our DI's told us there were still 6-7 enlisted pilots still in the Corps. Back then you could still go to OCS without a degree as I was offered OCS several times and turned it down. 6 year requirement, hell no.