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02-02-04, 04:03 PM
Which is Sexier? Lips or Hips?
By Elsa K. Simcik


All this time we've been padding our bras, lowering our necklines and relying on expensive silicone when come to find out, men aren't necessarily checking out our chests. In a recent Match.com poll, men were asked to choose between lips or hips. It went something like this:

And to confuse us even more, most guys chose the hot lips. The score was 58% for the lips and 42% for the hips. Does this mean guys would prefer a Julia over a J. Lo? A good kisser over a good dancer? Faith Hill's song "This Kiss" over Ricky Martin's "Shake your Bon Bon?" Rather than spending valuable lipstick shopping time guessing, we went straight to the source to get to the bottom of this age-old question:

Trent, 32, chose lips, explaining, "A girl with luscious lips is just so sexy. I can't take my eyes off her lips when she's talking."

So that explains why guys never hear anything we say.

Charlie, 28, prefers curvy hips. He confessed that "an hour-glass figure is just how it should be. When a girl has curvy hips, she just looks more like a real woman."

Score one for the hips. Beyonce is breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Another hip man, Doug, 34, pretty much went with the lesser of two evils: When asked which he preferred, Doug responded, "Lips? All girls' lips are the same, right? They're reddish or pink and they use them for eating, kissing and mostly talking. I guess I'll take hips, but I'm actually a chest man."

Ah-ha. Nice to hear a padded bra still counts for something.

We then encountered a few more lip lovers:

"I always notice a girl's lips first," says Brandon, 38, "If her lips are thin and she's always frowning, I won't even talk to her. But if her lips are full, you know, more like Michelle Pfeiffer's? Then I'm totally attracted to her."

Jason, 26, agrees, "I love a girl's smile and her lips play an important role in that. If she's got big old lips and a big old smile, I'm hers."

Craig, 34, likes lips for a different reason, "I'm all about kissing," he admits, "So a girl's gotta have hot lips."

So I guess this means we should really focus on our lipstick and the color we wear?

"Not at all," Mark, 39, says, "We couldn't care less what color your lipstick is. In fact, we'd prefer if you didn't even wear any. It tastes bad and it gets all over our lips. Why do girls put on so much of it anyway?"

Yikes. Guess that means lip liner is out of the question, too.

"Lip liner is just about the most pointless invention I've ever seen," remarks Mike, 28, "I'm not exactly sure what it's for but I think girls use it to draw a line around their lips. What for? I don't draw a line around my nose."

While the men's advice proved helpful and entertaining, I wouldn't throw away your expensive tube of "red hot nights" just yet. You don't want to have ghostly lips when he first notices your gorgeous smile. And ladies, if you weren't blessed with Michelle Pfeiffer's lips, don't worry. You'll notice that curvy hips pulled in a nice percentage of the votes as well. So you can go ahead and shake your bon bon.

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SparrowHawk, you devil, you are about to start some comments here.
I wish to offer this from the web;
Posted 5/01 [M 53] I have a few things to say on the topic of body image. As a 53-year-old male, I grew up in an era with somewhat different notions about what women should look like. As preadolescents, my friends and I lusted after Marilyn Monroe, with her curvaceous lush glory. We would have died laughing had we only known that some day the pop culture image of the ideal female would be top-heavy (big-breasted), but looking like a teenage boy from the waist down. I still find it rather bizarre.
Nature designed women to be wide-hipped for a reason. Until relatively recently, slim-hipped women had an unfortunate tendency to die in childbirth. Moreover, men have traditionally found female curvy hips and posterior to be a strong attractant ("turn-on" in the current phraseology). Even in this depraved modern age, many men, find skinny, bony women to be unattractive. And herein lies the tragedy. How many women condemn themselves to torture and dieting trying to look like a supermodel, and if they are successful (and at what cost?) they only diminish their sex appeal?
Also the women might turn this around...asking which part of man they find attractive.
The Nation as a whole is way overweight.
But it effects women thinking more than mens.
Yet all that extra weight leads to heart trouble in both the sexes.
We change as we get older, husband and wife still see each other
as the young couple before their marriage.
Diet alone is not the answer to our weight problems, there must be exercise included...just like a pair of scissors.
It needs both blades to cut.
So does the body, to lose weight...

Semper Fidelis

PS I'm off to the fitness center in a few minutes to work off some extra weight...

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Well you didn't include what Roger would say....so I just voted....#3 because...that was the best choice to say....Anyhow Roger said he was a leg man....which later I found out he lied to me......LOL....


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....in his own way. LOL

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Osotogary listening while "playing telephone".---LOL

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What number were you dialing, greensideout? LOL

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I like your work (art), thanks for the fun!

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