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06-29-17, 07:37 PM
Questions for Infantryman!

Can someone explain to me a day in the life of an infantryman during peacetime?

How often do you usually go on humps or ruck marches with packs?

Knowing what you know now would you still go infantry all over again?

doc h fmf
07-16-17, 07:49 AM
Well I was a corpsman(DOC) for 51/2 years with infantry and usually we would hump out mon and hump back fri. We would go to the rifle range to qual every year,go to combat town do some exercises,do CAXs in 29 palm CA.Do a 6 month Med cruise 2 month mini cruise a 3 month tour in Okinawa and the phillipeans.This is what I did butwe would always hump out to the field every week. I was also had temporary duty in 29 palms for 9months. Now I was a Corpsman and this was 20 plus years ago so things might have changed. I had fun and if I could I would love to do it over again.

Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

07-16-17, 08:37 AM
Infantry is a good life. At my age today though I like having a few beers every evening and I decided many years ago that my time sleeping in the rain ever again was over.

But that is just a small part of being in the infantry. Remember, we are the cream of the Marine Corps, we are what every other Marine wishes they could be. We are the ones that others fear. As an 03xx, especially an 0311 what you will learn about yourself, and others, will serve you tremendously throughout your entire life. We are the life takers and the heart breakers, if you can handle it. Just saying.