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06-20-17, 05:28 PM
Hello Marines,

I've done research online and read different forums but still can't find the right answers so I came here. I've spoken to a recruiter however there are some questions that I'd like answered from other Marines aside from my recruiter due to the fact that there is a possibility that my recruiter will tell me what I want to hear. Here's my situation..

About 5 years ago I got a DUI. I've paid off all the fines, completed all the classes, and my probation is also over.I know my options are limited as far as jobs. Do I have to go Open contract just because of the DUI I had or am I still eligible to pick my MOS? I didn't want to ask my recruiter and have him steer my towards an open contract when In reality, I might have a chance at picking my MOS. I know I've made a mistake in the past and I've grown alot as a person since then and made the decision to try join the Marine Corps. I just don't want to go open contract and then have them place me WHERE EVER the Marine Corps needs me because I'm going to be having that job for however long my contract is and if its something I don't like then I'm going to end up being one of those people that say "my recruiter screwed me over" even though it was my fault.
Any advice would help thank you all in advance!

06-24-17, 02:54 PM
Depends is it a felony DUI? If it is you have 0 chance of getting into any branch of service. Go talk to a recruiter he will tell you if you even have a chance if you come in open contract they may turn you away at the door. The Marine Corps isnt hard up for applicants.

06-24-17, 03:10 PM
It's a misdemeanor. My recruiter said they can work with that