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06-18-17, 10:52 AM
I figured I'd post this as it's Fathers Day...

If your father is no longer with us then days like today can be bittersweet. Looking up his old military records is one thing that may bring you comfort. It can reaffirm how brave and selfless he was.

This Father's Day, take a minute to learn more about your dad's service to our country. The veterans section of the National Archives website offers many amazing resources about our country's heroes.

This site allows you to request a family member's service records. You can use its web form or download and print the necessary documents.

Usually, these documents are used to request veterans' benefits but it can be a fantastic way to memorialize a veteran in your family too. For example, the government provides free headstones for fallen service members.

Did your father earn any medals for his service? They're an important symbol of pride and honor, but sadly they can get lost or begin to show their age over time. The National Archives will happily send new medals to commemorate his service upon request.

For veterans themselves and next-of-kin, medals are issued for free. Medals can be requested online by Army and Air Force veterans. Navy, Marine Corps. and Coast Guard veterans may request theirs by mail.

Even if your father didn't serve in the military, you can still enjoy researching the databases. I got lost browsing through all the breathtaking photos from World War II (https://www.archives.gov/research/military/ww2/photos/images/thumbnails/). Take some time to look through them yourself.

Order service records online:

www.archives.gov/veterans/ (http://www.archives.gov/veterans/)

Replacement medals: www.archives.gov/veterans/replace-medals.html (http://www.archives.gov/veterans/replace-medals.html)

Military Research: www.archives.gov/research/military/veterans/online.html (http://www.archives.gov/research/military/veterans/online.html)