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Memorial Day is for remembering those that died in service of this Country...


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FO, then Memorial Day is actually every day. Remember, not all those that were lost because of the Nam were lost in the Nam. We're losing many because of the Nam even today.

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FO, then Memorial Day is actually every day. Remember, not all those that were lost because of the Nam were lost in the Nam. We're losing many because of the Nam even today.

Without a doubt and clearly understood....!!!

Rarely does a day go by I don't remember...

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Here's to them-

*all of them that have already -
gone before

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I lost several friends in Nam. I have outlived many more. But I think of them often.

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Team Spirit 1989 we set up the DASC for the opening week just north of Pohang.

A 46 fell out of the sky just north of us, I had just gotten off crew and drove a hummer over with one of our Corpsman and the CO after it fell. Another Doc found a boot sticking out of the wreck and cut it off and thought he felt a pulse. Some Motor-Ts with five tons and winches pulled the wreckage apart enough to get in, but he was dead. Better Marines than I acted timely and correctly.

Then the 53 crashed when an officer backtracked to an LZ and stared a bank less than the radius of the rotor off a ridge. 19 good Marines died and several more were burned very badly.

A Marine who I thought was a bit of a flaky spaz was working the TAR/HR net, and proved he was a great Marine. Many of the victims lived, and he deserved much credit among other great Marines.

There were a number of auto accidents, heat casualties, night move injuries, falls that exercise. We helped.

I learned a lot about the random nature of death and about the nature of loyal competence those weeks.

05-29-17, 07:56 AM
Remembering the 19 Pilots and RIOs and 1 trooper with VMFA-115 in The Nam.

(Aircrews are listed in Pilot/RIO order unless otherwise noted) Da Nang: 26 October 1965 - Capt. William J. TEBOW (P), CWO John R. PETTY, Jr. (R), 1stLt. John B. McHALE (P), 1stLt. William R. GENDEBIEN (R). 1 May 1966 - 1stLt. Richard H. ROYER, 2ndLt. John D. KRAMER. Chu Lai: 13 July 1968 - Capt. John C. HURST, 1stLt. Leonard A. BIRD. 21 September 1968 - Capt. Robert F. CONLEY, Jr., 1stLt. Steven R. MAJOR. 8 October 1968 - Capt. Joseph W. JONES, III, Capt. Daniel J. COONON. 17 November 1968 - Capt. Paul D. DERBY, 1stLt. Thomas A. REICH. 22 January 1969 - 1stLt. Daniel J. MINAHAN (RIO). 11 May 1969 - 1stLt William C. RYAN, Jr. (RIO). 19 August 1969 - 1stLt. James R. BOHLIG, Capt. Richard T. MORRISSEY. Da Nang: 27 April 1972 - Maj. Thomas K. DUFFY (Pilot). Enlisted - L/Cpl. Thomas E. Novak, Chu Lai, 21 December 1968.

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This Memorial Day reminds me of my father Glen Prosise who was a United States Marine during WWII in an Engineer Battalion with the 2nd Marine Div.He was doing construction work when injured on the island of Saipan and evacuated by Air Transport Command to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii then to United States Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton with a serious spinal injury, and hospitalized for 3 months, first at Pearl Harbor and then at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Camp Pendleton. You may notice in the photo that he is the one in the middle and that he does not have his full uniform on as most of those who were evacuated rarely have their uniforms and personal items returned back to them. He lived a life in pain from his injuries until1962 when I lost him.
Background on Saipan
United States forces captured Guam, Saipan and Tinian in the Mariana Islands between June and August 1944, as part of the Mariana and Palau Island campaign. The casualties for the Second Marine Division on Saipan were 1,313 killed in action and 5,202 wounded.