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04-28-17, 01:36 AM
I have been looking online for help, couldn't find any information so I thought to give this a try.

Once I graduate I will be attending OCC in the summer. I have a reserve contract. I am also currently in the hiring process for the California Highway Patrol(CHP). They are aware of military training and I have a waiver to hold my spot in the application process until I finish OCC,TBS,MOS and get settled in my Reserve Unit. My question is, will it be possible to attend the CHP live-at Academy while being a reservist. The Academy is a little under 7 months and I will not be able to attend my drills. Once I graduate, I will go back to fulfill my normal drill duties. Has anyone ever done this before and can offer some knowledge? Thanks!:)<strike></strike>

05-01-17, 02:20 PM
So, you're currently serving in the Reserve? If so, remembering from my time which was all Reserve, this could be possible. You'll need to talk to your NCOIC/OIC (start at the platoon, work up the chain), and then you'll need to get approval from, eventually, your CO with the I&I helping.

What I think you should be able to do is basically "build up" some drill credits by doing a few weeks of individuals ADT, or TAD, or whatever they may call it. Then you'll have the points to make a qualifying year of service - if the CHP academy runs over your unit's ADT, you'll need to do something more to cover that as well.

I saw this kind of thing done once in a while when I was in (80s), never for as long as you're talking about though. Don't know if it's still approved either - check with your chain of command and see. And let us know here, the question might come up again!