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04-26-17, 09:26 AM
Good Morning Marines!

I have a question hopefully someone can answer, I haven't went in and spoken to a Marine Recruiter about this yet, thought I would try here first.

My son is 15 now and has always had a desire to join our beloved ranks after High School. Here's his situation, he has an LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy 3.5cm) The orthopedic Surgeon is recommending stopping the growth on his longer femur bone to allow the other to catch up. In the end, 6 months the legs should be the same. The doctor is saying this is a fairly common surgery and should see a full recovery. My question is, will this affect him enlisting into the Marine Corps after High School? I know his surgery will have to be disclosed to the recruiter upon enlisting, however not sure how this will affect it. Thanks for your answers in advanced and Semper Fi!

Mike Sgt USMC - 2631

Zulu 36
04-26-17, 11:49 AM
There are no recruiters here unfortunately.

A medical waiver will be required as a minimum. Your best bet is to talk to a recruiter. Legally, the recruiter can't talk with your son about enlisting until he is 17.