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04-18-17, 02:32 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I'm a reservist with 2/23 and am trying to make a move to 4th Force. Everything I need to do is complete except for the medical portion.

I've never had an EKG done before, but I went to NAS Lemoore to get labs done and received some bad news regarding a heart condition. I'm asymptomatic and have been cleared by my civilian cardiologist, but the Undersea Medical Officer has denied me. I'm told that I need to now submit a request to BUMED for a waiver.

I am desperate for help and advice on how I can increase my chances of success. I've sacrificed a lot over the last year in order to make this happen, and to receive this terrible news is really getting to me.

If anyone has any advice, tips, or recommendations on what to do or whom to speak with, please let me know.

Thank you all for your help.

Edit: I realize there are multiple threads on this topic already, but most are not regarding NSW/SO, and the majority are for folks trying to get into the Marine Corps.

Tennessee Top
04-18-17, 04:46 PM
Your civilian cardiologist does not count (different protocols obviously for undersea conditions). Just like a civilian dentist may not see anything wrong with your wisdom teeth, but your Navy dentist will yank them out (different protocols for potential deployment reasons).

There is nobody to speak with. The waiver request is your appeal of the Undersea Medical Officer's decision about your condition. I would not expect BUMED to dispute their findings. You're asymptomatic above sea level. The Navy docs are not going to take a chance on something going bad with your heart under water - considering you have a heart condition. Why should they?

Good luck Devil. Let us know what happens with your waiver.

Tennessee Top
04-18-17, 09:47 PM
^^^forgot to add. I have seen medical waivers approved for things I thought never had a chance in hell. So, worth a shot. Keep your fingers crossed cause one just never knows until they ask.

04-20-17, 11:44 AM
Good Morning Top,

Thanks very much for your reply and advice - it's most appreciated. I figured there would be things the UMO knows that my cardiologist doesn't. I was just hoping the UMO would consider that there are things *he* doesn't know that my cardiologist does, if that makes sense.

I'm going to go ahead and have a few more tests done with my cardiologist to potentially send with the BUMED waiver, but I can see that as you said, there probably isn't much else I can do. I'll submit the waiver and hope for the best. It does suck to wait several months though.

Thanks again for your help, Top. I'll try to keep you updated.