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04-15-17, 04:35 AM
Hello Everyone,

So I am torn between the 2 fitness styles listed above. I am preparing for OCS through the MECEP program and I just really do not want to stop lifting. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Thanks in advance.

Sgt. Johnson

04-15-17, 08:40 AM
why would you have to stop lifting, I do not understand, when I was in the Corps, I did both, running is a lot better at building up your wind which is very important for long marches or long missions, lifting builds up your muscle mass and strength.
so I am at a loss here

04-15-17, 09:01 AM
Must be the new Corps,lol, Semper Fidelis.

Tennessee Top
04-15-17, 09:28 AM
First. Your goal should be making the highest scores possible on the PFT and CFT. You know what training style(s) will accomplish that.

Second. Your goal must be to remain injury-free at OCS/TBS so you don't become a medical casualty and get dropped from training (which happens frequently with overuse injuries). Never went through OCS/TBS but did a lot of running on the trails/ridgelines at OCS while stationed at Quantico. Developed chronic compartment syndrome (running overuse injury) which required surgery at the Bethesda National Naval Hospital. Naval surgeons told me OCS and TBS students were regular patients of theirs. Some were able to rehab and return to training and some were not.

BTW. I know one selectee for the MECEP program this year. He is a GySgt with 14 years service and is a former senior drill instructor at PI. He is qualified to be an instructor at OCS/TBS and could be pushing candidates. His name is Gunny Hayes in case he is in your OCS class.

Good luck Devil.