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02-13-17, 09:27 AM
Good morning, Devils.

I'm currently a Reserve Marine and I'm one of those kind of guys who loves to challenge myself and I love the Marine Corps so much that being a Reserve Marine just doesn't hit the spot for me. Last year, I was preparing to go to Assessment and Selection (A&S) for Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). I had the physical preparation down, had all my paperwork ready to submit, then I just didn't follow through. I joined a police department and now I'm engaged and just living my life.

I've been in for three years (four in August 2017) and I should be picking up Corporal here in a bit. My reason for posting this is that I'm trying to figure out if I screwed up. I feel like I regret not following through with MARSOC and I can't help but wonder where I would be at this point if I had followed through. The A&S class that I had a seat for was in August of 2016. I'm currently waiting for time to put in a re-enlistment package so that I can make a lateral transfer to Marine Recon (still Reserve side). But I don't even know if that's what I truly want. I want to be active duty, I want to be Special Operations, and I want to push my body to the limits. However, I love my fiancée, my job is great, and I don't want to hinder her nursing career by going active duty.

I guess I really just need someone to talk to about this. I apologize for the long post, but this is a lot to think about for me and I don't want to wait too long then end up regretting something for the rest of my life.

02-13-17, 10:08 AM
I think you just need to make a decision, talk to your girlfriend and see what her take on all of this is, weigh all the Pros/Cons and make what you decide to be in your best interests...

It is your life, but those decisions will affect others as well.

You can ask for all the information you want, but advice is based on another individual's experiences...

Lay all of it out and then decide, where will you be in 2, 5, 10 years and such..

Good Luck...

Tennessee Top
02-13-17, 05:01 PM
Not only can't you figure out what you MAY want to do, you don't realize how good you got it. Great job, financee you love with a great career herself. You can still wear the EGA, even if it's just part time. Understand how many guys out there would kill to have everything you do - and not be confused about it? You're taking a big gamble messing all that up. For what? I say stay where you're at - you've got it made-in-the-shade and don't know it. Appreciate what you have and don't be so selfish. Pursue the reserve RECON lat move. That should satisfy your desire to be high tempo.

Good luck Devil. Let us know what you decide to do. And make sure you tell your fiancee you love and support her (she will return the favor).

02-13-17, 07:09 PM
Solid thoughts from two respected sources.
Ever herd "things happen for a reason ?"
Second the talk to your fiancie

Cpl Keller
02-13-17, 08:44 PM
Far wiser men than me have already commented, but i will say that you need to decide what's most important to you, not only now, but for your future. Realize that the decision you make will most likely not come with a "second chance" if you change your mind.
Best of luck.

02-17-17, 09:22 PM
Sounds like your unsure brother. Think it through and follow what bests works for you.

02-21-17, 01:02 PM
"..I love my fiancée, my job is great, and I don't want to hinder her nursing career by going active duty..."

Regrets...everyone will have a few. But like you said, you have a great job and you love your fiancée (who has a career). In law enforcement you have an opportunity every day to make a positive impact on your community. And you get to go home everyday to your soon-to-be wife and the family you will have some day. Where will you add the most value? Can you separate needs vs. wants here? Have you talked it through with your fiancé? If she is going to be your wife, you'll want to include her in the decision making. Good luck and Semper Fi.

02-25-17, 03:21 PM
First off MARSOC won't even look at you unless you are a senior Cpl. And even then they rarely take Corporals unless you are senior Cpl and come from a 03 background. Second I am not sure where you are located at but if you do decide to go the MARSOC route you will have to come on over to the eastcoast for at least a year and a half. Lastly if you do make it through the other side of ITC you have only two options, Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton. So I would think long and hard about your future but more importantly your future with your fiancee.

02-27-17, 04:03 PM
Ok, why would you take a very very low paying job in the Corps? Have you talked to her about this? Believe me, if you dont think she runs your life then you are in for a rude awaking. What PD are you with, your profile is a little slim.