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Daniel M
02-03-17, 07:51 PM
This is information from a training schedule overview that use to be on the internet. I've added a few notes from my experience at SOI ITB. I went to ITB at the end of 2015.

United States Marine Corps
School of Infantry
Infantry Training Battalion
Schedule Overview

Week 1:
Tuesday: Report
Wednesday: Initial PFT
Wednesday Thursday: In-processing
Friday: BZO Day/Night

Week 2:
Monday: Grenades
Tuesday: 5K hike, M203 Grenade Launcher
Wednesday: Claymore Mines, Infantry Rockets
Thursday: Land Navigation Day/Night
Friday: Hand & Arm Signals, Detainee Handling

Week 3:
Monday: Test 1
Mon Wed: Combat Marksmanship Training (CMP)
Thursday: IEDs, Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Friday: Combat Hunter, Tactical Communications

Week 4:
Monday: 10K Hike, Fire and Movement
Tuesday: Patrolling
Wed Thurs: Patrolling/Defense
Friday: CFT, Basic Skill Exercise

Week 5:
Monday: 15K Hike, MOUT
Tuesday: Test 2, Mid-course Retention Evaluation
Wednesday: MOS Split
Wednesday Friday: MOS Classes, 0311 IAR Shoot

Week 6:
0311: Live-fire Attacks
0331: Medium and Light Machinegun Classes
0341: 60mm Mortar Classes
0351: SMAW Classes and Live-fire

Week 7:
0311: Patrolling, Live-fire Ambush
0331: Medium and Light Machinegun Live-fire, 50 Cal Classes
0341: 60 mm Mortar Classes and Live-fire
0351: Demolitions Classes

Week 8:
0311: MOUT, Live-fire Room Clearing
0331: 50 Cal Live-fire, MK19 Classes
0341: 81mm Mortar Classes
0351: Demolitions Classes
All MOS: 20K Conditioning Hike

Week 9:
0311: Basic Skills Retention Exercise
0331: MK19 Live-fire
0341: 81mm Mortar Live-fire
0351: Demolition Live-fire
All MOS: Infantry Integration Live-fire Exercise

Week 10:
All: Out-processing
Tuesday: Graduation

Note: This overview does not include the training required for the MOS of 0352.
Note: Companies in ITB either train the MOS of 0351 or 0352, not both.
Note: The Marine Corps does not train infantrymen on the use of the M249 SAW anymore. Infantrymen now use the M27 Infantry Automatic Rife, the IAR.
Note: The 20km hike is one of the MSPS.
Note: This overview does not include all of the MSPS tests. Tests whose passing are required to complete training as an Infantryman. Note: There will be three opportunities to meet the various MOS Specific Physical Standards.