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01-19-17, 10:38 PM
Evening Ladies and Gents,

Couldn't find an appropriate forum for this question so if i'm incorrect please direct me to the correct category.

I am currently stationed in Quantico, VA. As a supply Marine (3043). Don't want to disclose my unit but it's a non-deployable training command. My first duty station... Obviously not the best place to start out in the Corps. I'm currently 2 years and 2 months into my contract and am planning to reenlist. I've been looking into LAT moving. I've been presented with a few interesting opportunities. Just today my OIC informed me that EOD is looking for NCOs and much as I'm interested in pursuing this opportunity I've been mildly colorblind my entire life. As you know for obvious reasons correct color vision is a must for this job. However I was told due to the advancements in corrective lenses i may be able to get some sort of lenses to correct my color vision.

Long story short, do any former or present EOD techs think it would be a good idea for me to pursue this? While I want to get out of behind a desk I don't want to put other Marines at risk due to my sight.

Semper Fi.

01-19-17, 10:57 PM

madinfidel just recently retired from EOD, I'll send him a note and let's see what he has to say...

He should be along shortly...

Just out of curiosity though, you have no Career Planner to ask these questions being stationed where your at...??

01-19-17, 11:05 PM
I appreciate the reply. Yes I've asked the career planner and he informed me because of my color blindness i'd just be putting others at risk. However my OIC made a call to a MGySgt who sent out the email and asked him whether or not corrective lenses for color blindness would be as acceptable as those who don't have 20/20 vision
(He is also colorblind former combat engineer). He's still waiting for an answer from a Gunny from the school house but i figured i'd ask here just to hopefully get a few other opinions.

Whether or not it matters I talked to the career planner months ago but my command received the email today.

01-19-17, 11:08 PM
Understood, I did send out a note for madinfidel, you should hear something within reason..

Good luck..


01-19-17, 11:12 PM

Thanks for the help

02-02-17, 10:59 AM
Well sorry it took me so long to reply as I have been out of pocket for awhile. Well, EOD was a great MOS and I loved it. The color blindness was at one time a problem but I'm not sure if it still is. Tell you what I will make a couple calls and verify some info. Feel free to send me a PM with any questions you may have. I can promise you one thing with EOD and that's deployments.

02-02-17, 11:02 AM
Thanx for the assist madinfidel...