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01-14-17, 02:09 PM
Hey Marines. I'm in training to become a Radio Operator at 29 Palms, and I had a random question. Our instructor talks about how different living and working Division side is from working with the Wing. He never went into too much detail, but what is the major difference? It probably is a stupid question, but I'm still Boot, and was curious. Thanks!

Tennessee Top
01-14-17, 06:29 PM
Did both. 1st Marine Division Fleet Marine Force (Camp Pendleton) and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Fleet Marine Force Pacific (Okinawa Japan). Only noticeable difference is regulations may be a little more lax in the Wing (haircuts, uniform appearance, etc). I attribute this to aviation Marines being mechanics and technicians (vice grunts) who's primary mission is to keep aircraft operational and on the flight line. If you're ever on an air station, you won't observe a lot of outdoor activity other than actual flight line operations. That's because, the mechanics and technicians generally spend most of their time inside hangars working on planes, equipment, and avionics. They pretty much stay out of sight. One misconception about the Wing is they work a normal 8-5 Mon-Fri work week with weekends off. That is not the case - depending on the operational tempo and training schedule of their squadron. Planes must stay operational, and pilots must get in their required flight hours to maintain flight status. That means, working extra hours as necessary (mission accomplishment). Squadrons do deploy for training exercises and with MEU's. Of course, squadrons are attached to Naval aircraft carriers for combat operations against ISIS.

Division life depends on which unit you're assigned to. There are deployable (Victor) units that deploy for 7 months at a time with a MEU. 300 grunts were just sent back to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. And, a group of Marines have deployed to Europe attached to NATO forces. It's possible to be assigned to a unit that works a normal 8-5 Mon-Fri schedule with weekends/holidays off.

01-15-17, 09:36 PM
Well as a fellow RO i can tell you about comm in the division. You'll basically be stuck supporting either AAV's, LAV's, Tanks or grunts. Either way youre going to get very frustrated setting all the comm gear up and op checking just to have crewman come behind you and break it lol. If you go to tanks like i did you'll work long hours and always be in the field. It sucks but its fun. Cant speak for the wing though never been and never want to

Big Boz
01-15-17, 10:02 PM
I was a Radio Repairman first at El Toro in the 3rd Air Wing. We supported the flight operations in Yuma (and outlying areas) every 6 to 8 weeks. We also had temporary assignments for every flying exercise that went on. I spent time supporting com for the helo squadrons, and spent a week in the norther CA mountains. I also was at 9th Comm Bn at Pendleton. We supported CAX in 29 palms. That was it. I never qual'd with the rifle in the 2.5 years in the wing. I qual'd twice in 1.5 years while supporting I MEF. Basically in the wing, you go where the pilots go. Otherwise, you go where the grunts go. Maybe the more relaxed regulations in the wing were due to the more up tempo support schedule. All in all, it wasn't that much different. I ended up doing my job in one sand box or the other.

01-24-17, 12:27 PM
Just try and stay away from Comm Bn's. They are not call "Crime Bn's" for nothing. Division is always the way to go. Real marines doing real missions.