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01-07-17, 10:57 PM
I was recently dropped from the Reconnaisance Training Company for performance reasons in the pool during the last training week of BRPC. I have been reassigned to the 7051 mos Crash Fire Rescue. I am coming up on my 2 year time in service mark November 2 2017 and was looking for information on making a Lateral move back over to Recon. I did not Drop on Request and with some time to train I know I can make it through the course. How long would I have to wait until I am eligible for a Lat move? What are the chances of getting a Lat move approved? I'm just looking for any information on the subject. I was a contract Recon entering the Marine Corps.

Old Marine
01-08-17, 09:36 AM
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Tennessee Top
01-08-17, 02:52 PM
Was a Battalion Career Planner for three years. You'll need at least 2 years on station (your PDS after MOS school) before being eligible to apply. That's to cut down on transportation costs.

Lat moves are primarily used as reenlistment incentives, to keep good Marines from getting out when their contract is about to expire. That is not your situation.

Lat moves are secondarily used to manipulate MOS populations. Meaning, if 7051 is underpopulated, letting you leave would only make it even more so (no chance of that request being approved). If 0321 is overpopulated, letting you in would only make it even more so (no chance of that request being approved). Best chance to get a Lat move is going from an overpopulated MOS to an underpopulated one (best interests of the Marine Corps) - or vice-versa. No way to predict MOS populations but, some MOS's are historically underpopulated (your Career Planner will know).

You need to go sit down with your unit Career Planner. Have them explain how the Lat move process works, and what it will take to be eligible.

On a different note. Can you give us an idea of what training goes on in the pool during BRPC? Lots of RECON wannabes have no clue and could benefit from your experience.

Good luck Devil.

01-08-17, 04:20 PM
Thank you! This was the information I was looking for. As far as the training goes I don't think I am at liberty to talk about the training specifically. I can give some insight as to what to train for though for any Recon wannabes out there. You need to be excellent at treading water with your hands/elbows out of the water and treading with bricks for extended periods of time. Get used to treading water for up to 45 minutes with your hands almost never in the water in full Cammies (no boots). You also need to be VERY comfortable underwater and have a lot of water confidence. You can build up to this by doing underwater crossovers (25-50m underwater) and doing A LOT of bottom samples (feet first surface dive down up to 16ft, touch the bottom of the pool with you full palm). Swimming is also important but not as much so as treading and underwater confidence. Almost no one will be dropped for swimming. I hope this helps some of you out there trying to go Recon. Thank you for the answer I will definitely talk to my career planner cause I plan on going back asap.