View Full Version : Omni Woll socks at MCRD?

12-08-16, 11:23 PM
I graduated Boot Camp at MCRD last friday, and i remember at the PX (recruit px at least) they had these socks with green or blue or orange crosshairs on them. I bought like 4 pairs of them and brought them home, thinking i would buy more online.

I can't find them online at all, are they really really new? or do they ONLY sell them at the Recruit PX at MCRDSD? or do they sell them at any MCX? I'll post pictures of them if anyone needs to see them

My dad loves them and wants some for Christmas


Tennessee Top
12-09-16, 08:17 AM
Here's a couple phone numbers you can try at MCRD Parris Island:

Military Clothing Sales: (843) 228:1591

MCX: (843) 228:1538

Don't have any numbers for MCRDSD.

Good luck Devil.

jeffrey 4131
12-09-16, 03:27 PM

The telephone number for the Marine Corps Exchange MCRD San Diego is 619-297-2500. The Marine Mart extension is 6411.

Semper Fi!