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11-23-16, 03:57 PM
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WE FEW, we mighty few, we small band of brothers just returned from another Marines and Friends Cruise celebrating the Marine Corps birthday at sea aboard a vacatoin cruise ship!!! As another successful reunion of arrives in our history books, we have scheduled next years cruise. On 12 November 2017, we sail out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and visit St Kitts, St Martinique, St Thomas, St Marteen and Bridgetown Barbados,. Myself, and fellow Marine Tony Tijerina organize this cruise as our annual vacation from our own careers. Our Hobby is to provide a fun week of activities for any group of Marines, together with their own family and friends, who enjoy visiting with Marines from every generation. More information can be found at www.cruiseUSMC.com, Or you can just email me at j.covert@icloud.com

What do we do on these vacations each year? Well first and foremost, we bring our Marine Corps Sword, order a cake, and conduct a "standing room only" ceremony per Marine Corps Directives,, a time honored tradition honoring the Marines who have paved the path of our success overseas and here at home. Secondly, we organize group events aboard ship, and in ports to share camaraderie and sea stories about how great we were while in the Marine Corps. The week is filled with casino time, pool time, dinner, shows and what ever else we come up with..... and we have come up with some fun and interesting things in the past. We enjoy our own version of the Amazing Race, pirate night, Flapper night harkening back to he 1920's and those that like to gamble, we have the slot pull.

Did I mention, you can find us at www.cruiseUSMC.com (http://cruiseusmc.com/)

Join us, Uniforms not required :)


Tennessee Top
11-24-16, 10:04 AM
I went on this cruise this year, and will be going again next year! Highly recommend to all hands who can afford it. Send Top Covert an email if you have questions. He'll get you squared-away.

This was our official birthday cake this year aboard the Norwegian Escape off the coast of Tortola:http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff166/rvanclea/USMC/c0a0ae00-4046-4783-88cf-e27903f670d9.jpg (http://s238.photobucket.com/user/rvanclea/media/USMC/c0a0ae00-4046-4783-88cf-e27903f670d9.jpg.html)

11-27-16, 06:28 PM
Thanks Top, anyone interested can email me at j.covert@icloud.com, our check out the web site www.cruiseUSMC.com