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11-22-16, 08:06 PM
Hey Marines, PFC James here. I'm proposing to my girlfriend of 3 years in the next couple of days (yes, selling away the manhood). I plan on getting married around June of next year, as I'll be in my duty station by then (I'm at 29 Palms in Communications training right now). I've heard that you can get two weeks automatically authorized to get married, but I find that hard to believe. How do I go about getting leave for marriage, if what I've been told is true? I'd appreciate the help.

Tennessee Top
11-23-16, 08:59 AM
You've been given bum scoop Devil. There is no such animal as automatic leave for any situation (even emergency leave). Leave is always at the discretion of the unit commander. All you can do is submit your leave request at that time and keep your fingers crossed it gets approved. Keep that in mind as you're planning the event. What happens if your leave gets disapproved? Can you cancel reservations at the last minute?http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff166/rvanclea/USMC/10689993_1455130114760478_8742506193627290051_n.jp g (http://s238.photobucket.com/user/rvanclea/media/USMC/10689993_1455130114760478_8742506193627290051_n.jp g.html)

You will not have two weeks leave on the books by next summer anyways. You only accrue 2.5 days a year, and you have already taken 10 days for bootcamp leave. Don't count on being allowed to go in the hole for annual leave.

11-23-16, 03:00 PM
HA! If you believe that I have beach front property to sell you in Arizona. You don't rate anything to get married. In order to get leave for marriage sign on to MOL and submit your leave to your chain of command, though you still being in student status you do it how ever your school house submits leave. Also stand by for them to give you whatever advice they see fit, she wont rate to live with you wile in student status.

The only "leave" you rate is IF you are married BEFORE you go to you get orders cut to your next duty station you rate 10 days house hunting PTAD. Thats it.

11-24-16, 01:33 AM
Tennessee Top...

Your quote:

"You only accrue 2.5 days a year, and you have already taken 10 days for bootcamp leave."

I believe is incorrect, perhaps a type-O....

Military and NOAA members earn 2.5 days of leave for each month of service. Up to 60 days of leave can be banked (accrued) over a two year period, but your leave balance is checked on the first day of the fiscal year (October 1) and any excess leave above 60 days is forfeit.


11-24-16, 05:44 AM
Sorry Devil Dog but that's a ****house rumor.