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11-14-16, 08:40 AM
I am in need of serious help. My daughter married a Marine June 2016. He shipped to Oki in Dec 2014. his orders were for 18 months. Which should have meant PCS orders in June 2016..... Well, he still has no orders. Would they just extend him?? He said he said web orders dated June 30 2016 and took a screen shot and sent her them, and they say estimated departure date Dec 1 2016 and estimated Arrival date Dec 31 2016.

He keep told h 2 weeks ago he had actual orders and report date f Dec 5th, and arriving he n TN to ship with her Dec 1, well that changed again this am, an now says he will be here Dec 3rd ad report Dec 7th. He has no transportation set up yet for their household goods either, and Nowhere on his web order did it say the report location.
I feel like he just keeps lying. If he was reporting for a PCS move would he not already have physical orders??? Esp since he is moving from a OConus location??

Tennessee Top
11-14-16, 10:56 AM
Understand your and your daughter's frustrations. It may simply be another case of the "big green weanie" all Marines are familiar with (and why so many get out instead of reenlisting). PCS moves are always a pain-in-the-neck. Add a family (and OCONUS) on top of everything else, and things get even more complicated - and stressful. More moving parts means more chances for something to go wrong or get modified (sometimes multiple times). Rarely do things go smoothly, or as planned. I do know, TMO (transportation office) needs to be notified ASAP whenever household goods/family travel are involved. They need official travel orders containing appropriation data (for accounting purposes) - don't know if the web orders do that. Certainly, they can't do anything without a final destination/duty station specified.

Not familiar with web orders (after my time). Being on OKI twice (once with a spouse in housing at Camp Pendleton), I know how difficult communication can be although that was before SKYPE, Facebook, etc. We communicated via snail mail and an occasional MARS call (citizens band radio).

As for your question. Yes, I expect he should have official travel orders by now (for the reasons outlined above). Also possible his overseas assignment got extended (needs of the Marine Corps). As far as lying, you know him, we don't. Don't know what his reasons would be, or what he would gain with it. Wish I could be more help but don't really have any advice except to remain flexible. It is possible things are out of his control.

Good luck. Let us know how it works out for them.