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11-10-16, 12:02 AM
Today November 10th is the 241st Birthday of the Corps. To All Marines Past and Present, SEMPER FIDELIS 30985 :usmc:

11-10-16, 12:27 AM

USMC 2571
11-10-16, 06:09 AM
Happy 241st Marine Corps Birthday to all my fellow Marines past and present. It seems like not too long ago I quit high school and ended up at Parris Island on Halloween Night 1963, just two weeks after turning 17. Semper Fidelis to all my brothers and sisters.

11-10-16, 07:04 AM
Happy Birthday Marines!

11-10-16, 07:46 AM
Happy Birthday! Semper Fi

McT ontheRock71
11-10-16, 07:53 AM
Permission to come aboard and wish ALL my brothers and sisters who served in the Corps a very happy Marine Corps birthday!
Semper Fidelis,


11-10-16, 07:58 AM
Happy Birthday Marines! Semper Fi to all of my Fellow Marines & Brothers!

11-10-16, 08:40 AM
Happy Birthday, Marines - Semper Fi!

Time to get the party started, up make sure you don't miss the safety brief! 8-)

11-10-16, 09:42 AM
Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!! OORAH!!! Semper Fi!!

11-10-16, 09:49 AM
Happy birthday brothers and sisters Semper Fi

Old Marine
11-10-16, 10:25 AM
Happy Birthday to all my brothers and sisters and Stay Safe.:evilgrin:

11-10-16, 11:03 AM
Happy birthday marines!!
Semper fi!

11-10-16, 02:30 PM
Happy Birthday Gentlemen and ladies...

11-10-16, 05:32 PM

11-10-16, 05:45 PM
Rah. Semper Fi gents. Lets all get drunk and **** something.

11-10-16, 06:39 PM
happy birthday jarheads

11-10-16, 06:47 PM
Rah. Semper Fi gents. Lets all get drunk and **** something.

Ha....I'll bet I can guess what those (4) cryptic coded asterisks really mean. :)
Where's my M14!

I proudly echo all of the above.

I typically meet up with about (5) other Brothers at a local steak house and that's on the agenda tonight.
One was in boot camp with me, in Nam same time as myself with I/3/5 and a Hill 362 survivor during Op Hastings.

So...I'll toast all of us members of The Few, The Proud.

Carry on....imbibe safely all you Green Mo'fers

11-10-16, 07:29 PM
Happy Birthday Marines, Semper Fidelis Forever.

Melvin Jeffries
11-10-16, 07:42 PM
Been there and done that!

Tennessee Top
11-10-16, 08:07 PM
Our birthday cake!http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff166/rvanclea/USMC/c0a0ae00-4046-4783-88cf-e27903f670d9.jpg (http://s238.photobucket.com/user/rvanclea/media/USMC/c0a0ae00-4046-4783-88cf-e27903f670d9.jpg.html)

11-10-16, 11:09 PM
Happy Birthday, Marines!

This is the 47th year of me saying that to MY (OUR, actually, but you know what I mean!) Marine Corps. Why I can remember when you weren't even 200 years old...

Semper Fidelis

doc h fmf
11-10-16, 11:55 PM
Happy Birthday my brothers and sisters it was an honor and privilege serving you as your Doc For 7 years.

Semper Fi and God Blesss

Stephen D oc Hansen HM3/ FMF

doc h fmf
11-11-16, 06:20 PM
Sorry for the belated Happy Birthday to my brothers and sisters, During my Doc tour I had the honor and privilege of celebrating your birthday 5 timesSemper Fi and god bless you all.

Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF.

11-12-16, 11:25 AM
Happy Birthday USMC am kinda dragging my D**K Godspeed to Ya especially the YoungBucks & Bucketttes now Semper Fidelis :beer: :iwo:

11-12-16, 02:54 PM
... kinda dragging my D**K ....

Ducks are supposed to be in a row, not dragged. Unless you are training a water dog. If so, carry on!