View Full Version : Fraternization? Or nahh?

Company pvt
10-22-16, 12:48 AM
If a pvt and a lcpl were from the same platoon and they began dating but still showed respect for rank while in the work place is that in violation of any orders?

10-22-16, 06:35 AM
What kind of platoon are you two guys in?

10-22-16, 08:22 AM
Uhh... Say it aignt so... Just saying

Old Marine
10-22-16, 08:30 AM
To each his own.

10-22-16, 01:46 PM
Looks like another troll, Semper Fidelis.

10-22-16, 01:55 PM
What kind of platoon are you two guys in?

Ha-ha-ha! That's good.

Company pvt
10-22-16, 04:32 PM
Support platoon in a combat logistics unit

10-22-16, 07:49 PM
Square your profile away there, Marine, it's looking a little sparse, and then ask your NCOs about the whole fraternization thing. I don't think that would be in violation of any regs, but your unit may have specific rules or just limits that are or aren't okay.

Your squad leaders or platoon Sgt will know - ask them, not us.


10-23-16, 12:05 AM
Company Pvt,

You were asked previously to fix your profile before continuing and again asked about that same profile by Madsox, both of which have been ignored.

Failure to comply or even respond will result in your posting privileges being suspended until you comply, furthermore this thread will be closed until you do comply.

If there are any further issues you need to discuss, do so via PM to either myself or Madsox..


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