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01-29-04, 11:05 AM
Since/before I became totally disabled, perm., I've had some real bad incidents dealing with being admitted, examined, etc. by VA Dr.'s, if they are actually a Dr.
My latest case involves a VAMC in Danville IL. I have neuropathy, have some feelin' some dead spots in my legs, inflammatory bowel disease, neurogenic bladder, a ruptured disc in my neck, and was at a VA clinic and was wanting to get some medicine for my bowel disease.
This PA panicked when I had spasm. She had a Nurse take me to Triage, took blood "STAT." Comes in...."I've talked to your shrink and I'm goin' to admit you to the hospital." I'm thinkin'..."Why did she go and talk to my shrink? I'm stable with medication for PTSD. A meat wagon transport comes, I go there. On a Thursday. I took my noon med's, two hrs late, then had to given them up, of course.....I asked if I could get somethin' to eat? "We don't have anything." "How 'bout if I gave someone some $ could they get me something from the slop shute?" "NO." "We can't do that anymore....." Examined by a supposed real Dr. and this student. Check for blood. Told them what was goin' on with me. They left.
Supper (if that's what u can call it) came. And more Dr.'s. another exam. I ate. "Hey where's my meds?" "No Dr.'s order's Yet."
The medicine wagon was comin' around. I didn't even have a wrist band yet. "Where's my medicine?" "No order's."
Finally around 11pm, I got some pain meds for joints, muscles, bones I didn't sleep all night. Get antsie.
I kept askin' for meds. Nothing.
This one nurse took my sheet of meds I carry with me, how I take them, when, (which was close to how they pass them out) give or take an hour. We'll git someof them. "Lady?" "I need my meds."
So this charge nurse comes down, after I said, the hell with this I'm bookin' the next morning. I raised my voice, not in like I'm goin' to bust yer ass, but more like, okay, why cain't somebody get my medicine, it's prescribed by a VA dr.? Call Security. I got dressed, made a call for my wife to just come and get me.
Well this big young ape with a big gun on his side came up behind me. "Whoever is behind had best back up 'bout 10', I don't like folk behind me." "I'm security." "Back UP!!!" He did. "Thank you." "You gonna arrest me?" "Nope." The Charge nurse wouldn't let me the room, let alone the ward., why I don't know. I told her; "Here''s the deal." "IT'S GOT VIETNAM VET, PTSD." "SO YOU CALL SECURITY?" "LADY WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" "DO YOU THINK I'M GONNA HURT SOMEONE?" "I HAVE TO PROTECT MY NURSES/PATIENTS." "LADY?" "IF I WAS GOIN TO HURT ANYONE, IT WOULD'VE BEEN DONE, FOR PETE SAKES, DO I LOOK LIKE I COULD HURT ANYONE, AND THAT'S THE FURTHEST THING FROM MY MIND." "GIVE ME A BREAK."
Then another VA cop shows up....Like I'm one dangerous item.
I felt sorta good that they thought I was that "DANGEROUS?", then it also ****ed me off, because there were no need in it. Anyhow I said..."Yea right, I'm gonna hurt someone." The other VA Cop said...."I see ya brung yer M-60, M-16." I had to laugh. I said..."Yea." "I got 'em under the bed, cain't ya see' em?" We had a laugh. Still no meds. Where's my meds I brung in? Down in pharmacy. I need my meds, PLEASE????!!!!
"Can't give 'em to ya, you're Ama-ing yersef." The nex t thing I know I got a former Navy Chaplain, served 1/9, not in country. He tells me..."The Dr.;'s take you off yer drugs, break you down, then determine what you need." "Medical Dr';s?" "Yes." "That's bull****." Then here comes a shrink. "I'm not here for my psych. problems, I'm here to try and get some help for my medical condition." "If I can get yer drugs/meds like you take 'em, will ya stay?" "HELL NO!!" "Why?" "T.R.U.S.T." "AND I'M NOT A FOOL." "YOU DON'T HAVE CONTROL OVER HERE, YOU'll HAVE TO PUT ON THE PSYCH WARD, IN ORDER TO GET MY MEDS." "Right?" No answer. "Transfer me to Indianapolis." No answer. They sent all these people up to CYA. I left. Nobody could find my pill box. Got home, 11:30am, then, got a call 'round 3:30p. "Mr. Bailey?" "Pharmacy, Danville, we found yer medicine box." "It was at the nurses station." "Just throw it away." I hung up.
Now, this is the last time I'll ever set foot on/in/near that **** hole.
I need Cas to tell me, if I can on my own go to a VA, like Indy, which is a good one, and get help there? I need admitted. I'm to go fer a consult on my eyes, removal of cataracts, opthamalogy, at 3pm in afternoon, I live 2hours away, sent there by Va Eye Dr./to get this consult. If I'd call them, do ya think there'd be a chance that they could admit me, as I need a colonoscopy and other, along with my eyes examined. I'm goin' blind. Can u help me cas? I'd appreciate it.

01-29-04, 11:30 AM
as long as you have a VA ID card you can go anywhere you want....\
first call I would make is to the patient advocate in the VA you were admitted to. There should have been no reason to lock you up. Also, get a copy of all records from that day...fax them to me if you don't mind...I can review them and see what other action should be taken.