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10-04-16, 11:53 AM

Texas Governor Greg Abbot is calling for a Constitutional Convention of the States to bring Washington politicians back in line with the rule of law, and the spirit of the Constitution.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Constitutional Convention is, it’s pretty simple.

Article V of the Constitution makes it clear that Congress has the power to amend the Constitution by adding Amendments.

Most people understand that it is Congress, and not the president, no matter how mighty his pen or phone may be, that writes the laws.

In addition, however, Article V also gives the same power to amend the Constitution to the states. The states can convene, propose an amendment, and as long as there is a 3/4 agreement from the states, that amendment shall be ratified.

The reason why this power of the states, although it has yet to be used, was added into the Constitution, was to prevent an out of control national government.

Many of the Founding Fathers recognized the power that a centralized government could grant itself if left unchecked, and so provided an outlet for the states to d that power.

Governor Abbot said,“The increasingly frequent departures from Constitutional principles are destroying the Rule of Law foundation on which this country was built.”

He explained that the only cure to bring Washington back in line with the Constitutional, was to utilize the powers granted in Article V.

“We are succumbing to the caprice of man that our Founders fought to escape. The cure to these problems will not come from Washington D.C. Instead, the states must lead the way. To do that I am adding another item to the agenda next session. I want legislation authorizing Texas to join other states in calling for a Convention of States to fix the cracks in our Constitution.” According to a press release (http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/21829), Governor Abbott is proposing 9 additional amendments to the Constitution:

Prohibit Congress from regulating activity that occurs wholly within one State.
Require Congress to balance its budget.
Prohibit administrative agencies—and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them—from creating federal law.
Prohibit administrative agencies—and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them—from preempting state law.
Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Require a seven-justice super-majority vote for U.S. Supreme Court decisions that invalidate a democratically enacted law.
Restore the balance of power between the federal and state governments by limiting the former to the powers expressly delegated to it in the Constitution.
Give state officials the power to sue in federal court when federal officials overstep their bounds.
Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a federal law or regulation.

Tennessee Top
10-04-16, 07:33 PM
Never happen. Too logical.

10-04-16, 07:38 PM
The Kenyan Dictator-in-Chief doesn't care about the Constitution.

10-05-16, 09:27 AM
needs to add one that says that congress shall pass no law that exempts themselves from laws that apply to the population at large...

10-05-16, 04:37 PM
Obama has always said....Texas is a hostile state. So we're hostile people for wanting to live by the Constitution the way it was written, not by the way Demo's interpret it.

The Sheepdog
10-06-16, 09:37 AM
Not taking away from civilians and their love of the Constitution, but many of them will never fully understand or defend the Constitution in the same way that someone who has signed the dotted line does. I suspect it will always be that way.