View Full Version : GLOCK | Proudly Celebrating 30 Years in The United States

08-15-16, 09:56 AM
Glock is celebrating their 3oth Anniversary and is giving away 30 custom "Engraved" Glocks in various platforms...


Web page: http://30th.glock.com/

08-22-16, 10:06 AM
I love me some Glock pistols. I'll be using them until something better comes along, but so far they are still the measuring stick for modern combat handguns in my eyes. That said I wouldn't want one engraved or fancied up in any way. They're tools to me, not collectors items or showpieces. 1911's are what you show your friends, Glocks are what you show your enemies.

08-29-16, 04:31 PM
I am with you Justin. I am a big Glock fan and have a Model 22, 27, 30, and 31. I am also a Glock Armor and the Glocks are easy to work on. And I also agree that Glocks are what you show your enemies. lol


08-29-16, 07:47 PM
I attended the armorers course and instructors workshop several years ago. My certification as a Glock armorer has expired, but I still work on my own guns (not that they ever need it).

Ive got a 21, 30, and a 26. Trying to decide between a 34mos or 41mos for the next one. I will probably end up with the 34 since 9mm is so much cheaper to shoot than .45.

08-29-16, 08:29 PM
Congrats to Glock, not much of a fan myself. Not much into plastic weapons of any kind...

But I do own a FN 5.7 and I really like it.

They do make a good pistol and not poo pooing them, just not my style.

09-08-16, 11:41 PM
Engraving a Glock seems stupid. These aren't beautiful show pieces, they're weapons of combat.