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Denny D
07-01-16, 09:01 PM
Hi Marines. I'm trying to find other Marines who were stationed at Camp Lejeune during the Contaminated Water times. I'm would like to know how many other Marines or Civilians developed Tumors from the Contaminants in the water. Brain tumors or nerve tumors etc. . I developed a 7th canal facial nerve tumor that has paralyzed one side of my face along with hearing loss. Just would like to know if anyone else stationed at Lejeune developed any of these tumors and symptoms over the years after they left the base. Thank You all.

Tennessee Top
07-01-16, 11:18 PM
Was there 72-73 (mainside) and have completed the water survey they mailed to me. Not developed any tumors so far, nor have any of my friends whom I've stayed in contact with. Knock on wood.

Has your tumor been clinically linked to the contaminated water at CLNC?

Good luck to you.

07-04-16, 09:36 PM
The Family and I are the mailing list also. Lived in TT2 84-85 no problems yet ?

07-24-16, 08:09 AM
I was stationed at CLNC from 1976 to 1980. I am service connected for other issues, but I have had many medical conditions that point to the toxic water, from the early 80's to present.
I had prostate cancer at 48 which has no family history, adrenal gland tumor (Pheochromacytoma) which was surgically removed, and skin conditions from 2000 to date which could not be effectively treated to this day.
I have had a mass removed from my breast in 2005, and prescribed medication from 1982 to present for all Neurobehavioral symptoms listed, and never had a family history for the above. Anything that has to do with the toxic water was Deferred to a separate department in the mid west and are being evaluated. The information as to time frames is non existent from my research, and conversations to date.
If you haven't done so, involve a VSO to help you and good luck, your not alone.

05-29-18, 10:38 PM
I have had two Craneopharyngioma brain tumors removed by surgery and now must replace my hormones daily. Had surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Valentine's Day 2011 and Christmas 2014.

joe mccormick 3
05-30-18, 06:50 AM
Was there 77-80 tt2 also took survey

05-30-18, 05:19 PM
Was there 1973 and had to much to worry about except the skin bumps I have developed..

06-03-18, 07:11 PM
I went from lejeune to Pendleton water sucks at both places..


12-02-19, 03:29 PM
....as other's have posted; if you served at Lejeune; I can attest that the contamination was bad and continues today, but not as bad as before.

Because of the water I have both bladder cancer and lung cancer which were linked to the contamination. At the rifle range where I was assigned they found a hidden dump of contaminated waste among other things.

As of thirty days ago, I have now become 100% disabled. Yep; the benefits are good; but I'd give it back, if they find a way to take away the cancer. My doctors have been great but the treatments and on going treatments suck.

Take care and Semper!

12-02-19, 03:52 PM
Haven't heard anything back from them and I know I was drinking the water ,,,

12-03-19, 01:34 PM
I was there for most of 67 and go to dermatology (private doc) every 4 months. I'm unsure though if my problems stem from Lejeune or from the AO in the Nam as I drank the water in both places. I've been lucky though as I've developed no cancers, just the lingering skin stuff at times from the jungle rot. I'm P&T as well 100% PTSD, at least that's what the VA has told me.

12-03-19, 08:54 PM
The new thing that people will be complaining about in the water that is really messing with our anatomy is the fire fighting foam. This stuff is brutal and causing a lot of different issues. Problem with these things is it is seeping into the water table. What does this mean? That means it is seeping into the water aquifers underneath the earth polluting the fresh water supplies. This is a DOD wide issue not just Lejeune or Pendleton.