View Full Version : Marine recruit kicked out of boot camp after alleged attack on man in wheelchair

Rocky C
05-06-16, 09:15 AM
A Marine recruit is being kicked out of boot camp after reportedly attacking another recruit who was in a wheelchair.

The Beaufort Gazette first reported that Rct. Morgan Brown was knocked unconscious during the alleged attack at the Marine Corps' East Coast training depot. At the time, Brown was assigned to a support battalion while recovering from a stress fracture to his hip, according to the newspaper.

A spokesman for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, confirmed there was an incident between two recruits assigned to the support battalion on March 27, but could not release the name of the alleged attacker until the command investigation into the matter is complete.

“The two recruits involved are now in separate units and administrative action was taken by the chain of command against the offender as a result of the incident,” Capt. Greg Carroll said. “The offender is being processed for separation from the Marine Corps for his disciplinary infractions.”

Carroll did not identify the recruit who was attacked, but he confirmed that Brown is a member of the support battalion there.

“The Marine Corps prohibits behavior inconsistent with our core values of honor, courage and commitment and is committed to holding accountable those who demonstrate otherwise,” he said.

Attempts to reach Brown's family for comment were unsuccessful.

The fight is the most recent incident to rock Parris Island, where recruit Raheel Siddiqui, 20, died on March 18 after falling nearly 40 feet in a barracks stairwell. Investigators do not suspect foul play was involved in Siddiqui’s death, said Ed Buice, a spokesman for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. However, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich, is pressing the Marine Corps over whether he was hazed while at boot camp.

Officials have not provided a timeline for the investigation into Siddiqui’s death, but Buice said that such investigations can take a year.

Siddiqui was assigned to the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, which saw its commander relieved on March 31 amid allegations of misconduct. Carroll has said previously that the investigation was not related to Siddiqui's death.

Tennessee Top
05-06-16, 12:53 PM
The USMC does not need another thug anyways. Hope he enjoys the gangsta life once he gets back on the block.

05-06-16, 01:20 PM
Good-bye, and good riddance ...

05-06-16, 02:37 PM
Unfortunately the reject will go back to the 'hood and tell all of his friends that he was so bad*** the Marines kicked him out.

05-06-16, 03:15 PM
Just another chitbird, Semper Fidelis.

2 Marine Mom
05-07-16, 01:41 AM
behavior, unbecoming of a marine. To bad he did something that stupid.

05-07-16, 02:03 PM
Glad he was DC. He wouldn't last too long walking point in line outfit.

05-07-16, 02:33 PM
Sh*t-for-brains will be telling all of his thugsters that he was a Marine ...