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03-15-16, 09:00 PM
OK so I'm stuck on the fence and have been contemplating this for the past year. I am prior AD 2 tours to Iraq and was Crash Fire Rescure in the Corps 7051. On my 2 tours i got to do route sweeps and tour most of Iraq. I've made a pro cons sheet for AD, reserve and, active reserve. Things I missed were the crap times with good people.... well mostly the brotherhood. There's none like it. I've been on fire departments in the civilian division and it's just not the same even on a fire scene. So I narrowed it down to what I miss and also am down to change my mos to combat engineer division side or 0311. I know **** **** games pretty good our shifts on cfr were 24-48 hours long with no where to hide stuck on the side of the airfield that no one remembers. So that is a sacrifice I'll just have to live with. I just need some extra thoughts and opinions ideas and povs. Thanks in advance.

03-16-16, 08:25 AM
Welcome to Leatherneck, Marine (check your PMs, need you to fill out your profile a bit more), and it sounds like you're asking yourself the right questions.

I had broken time myself (all Reserve), so I did the same mental exercise back in about 92/93. Ultimately it came down to how much of a civilian life/career I had (medium serious) and how the local Reserve units were (I liked my old one).

So I got myself to a prior service recruiter and talked for a while, eventually decided to go back in for another hitch.

Since you want to do a lat move, you should probably find a recruiter and ask about what MOS fields are currently looking for people, either Active or Reserve. If you think the Reserve option may be better, contact Reserve units near you and make time to go talk to them - probably either a PS Recruiter or a career planner there.

Then you'll have more of the info you need to decide. We'll probably get some opinions here from more recently separated Marines, and in the end you know you have to make this decision yourself, but I'd say if there's nothing holding you back (wife/kids/career), go back in if you can.

Best of luck to you, Semper Fi!

Rocky C
03-16-16, 08:30 AM

Tennessee Top
03-16-16, 05:31 PM
Sounds to me you're not content with life in the 1st CivDiv. Understandable.

Next step is to start talking to a prior service recruiter. Most of the feedback here is, that's a one-way street (prior service recruiters rarely ever return calls/texts/messages). Maybe you'll have better luck. Let us know.

Good luck Devil.