View Full Version : Ready to fight in a dangerous world: 5 takeaways from Marine Corps' budget

Rocky C
02-11-16, 08:08 AM
The Marine Corpsí fiscal 2017 budget request shows that itís getting harder to keep the service ready to fight anywhere, anytime under budget cuts imposed by Congress. <br />
<br />
A recent two-year budget...

2 Marine Mom
02-12-16, 02:14 AM
So, in a nutshell, this will make things more dangerous, for everyone, won't it cause, these cuts will also effect maintenance? of things like helo's? correct? I can't believe, them. Im beginning o think, we need to start getting home guard groups together, and practicing. to help out, If need be. Like the Oath Keepers, been thinkiing about getting into that. stay safe gang. Deb