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01-20-04, 07:07 AM
Corporal inspired to donate lost locks
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Story by Lance Cpl. Megan L. Stiner

MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII, KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii(January 16, 2004) -- A corporal with Marine Aircraft Group 24 took the simple task of changing her appearance to a whole new level.

Though getting a hair cut is a pretty routine activity - especially for Marines - fortunately for children involved with Locks of Love, Cpl. Lisa C. White, a nuclear, biological and chemical defense specialist decided to put a little more thought behind her actions.

Inspired by the history of cancer in her family, and her sister's involvement in contributing to Locks of Love, White looked up information on the official Web site to figure out how to go about helping. Soon after, she was on her way to the Paul Brown Salon, located at the Victoria Ward Centre in Honolulu, to make her thoughtful contribution.

"The Web site lists local salons to go to in your area that help provide hair replacements for children," said White.
There are two salons in Hawaii that donate hair to Locks of Love - The Paul Brown Salon and the salon Bobbi N' Guy at Victoria Ward Warehouse, also in Honolulu.

Donations made to these salons go toward helping financially disadvantaged children who are suffering from medical conditions. The most common of these is Alopecia Areata. This illness is a skin disease that results in hair loss on the scalp and body. Almost 4.7 million people in the United States are affected by the disease.

Locks of Love began as a small charity in 1997 and flourished to the organization that it is today to help the increasing number of cancer and skin disease patients. It currently helps children under the age of 18 in all 50 states and Canada.

White had a lot of support from her friends, family and husband, who have helped push her to be more active in volunteering. In addition to helping out by donating to Locks of Love, White also supports her local community by participating in Relay for Life, a fundraising race that promotes cancer awareness. She also enjoys helping out in environmental activities.

White said if you're thinking of making a change like cutting your hair, you should donate it to a good cause. Look into doing something that will benefit children in need.

The donation path White chose to take had her cut off a good portion of her locks. Her contribution came to a total of 13 inches. Her hair now falls just above her shoulders on her neckline.

"I have never had my hair this short before, but it is worth it. It is a good feeling to know you're helping people you don't even know," said White.

There are many ways to help out underprivileged children, and donating hair is just one way to contribute to Locks of Love. Donated hair at least 10 inches long is used to make wigs, shorter hair is usually sold to offset wig-making costs. The organization also accepts financial contributions and encourages volunteering.

If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering or making a hair or monetary donation or just want to learn more about the organization, the official Web site is www.LocksofLove.org.


Corporal Lisa C. White, a member of MAG-24, donated 13 inches of hair to the Locks of Love charity with the help of the Paul Brown Salon. Her hair will be used to make wigs for children with a common skin disease that results in hair loss. Photo by: courtesy of Cpl. Lisa White



02-08-04, 04:06 PM
You can always count on a fine young Marine Corporal to use
their head to help someone else. Semper Fidelis, Corporal
of Marines Lisa White! Tom Murray

02-15-04, 10:11 AM
My daughter (age 6) just donated 12 inches of her own hair last August to Locks of Love.

They've got a very good thing going.....

OOH RAH to Corporal White!

05-10-09, 09:43 PM
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