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Rocky C
01-15-16, 03:31 PM
Jan 15 (Reuters) - The U.S. Coast Guard is leading a search for two Marine helicopters with a total of 12 people on board that collided near the island of Oahu in Hawaii, officials said on Friday.

The CH-53E helicopters, belonging to the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing from the Marine Corps Air Station at Kaneohe Bay, were reported to have collided just before midnight local time (1000 GMT), Coast Guard spokeswoman Sara Mooers said.

Marine helicopters carrying 12 crew members collided off the Hawaiian island of Oahu during a nighttime training mission. No survivors have been rescued from the crash more than seven hours after it occurred, said another Coast Guard spokeswoman, Petty Officer Second Class Melissa McKenzie.

"We remain hopeful," McKenzie said.

Just after midnight, the crew of a Coast Guard helicopter spotted debris in the waters off the town of Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu, but did not find any of the passengers.

A Coast Guard cutter was on scene and another one was en route and expected to arrive shortly, McKenzie said.

Two U.S. Navy warships have also been sent to join the search, and local police and fire departments were assisting with helicopters, she said.

The initial effort was hampered by dark, cloudy conditions and waves of up to 15 feet, officials said.

The Marine Corps confirmed the search, but provided few additional details.

"Thoughts & prayers are with our Marines & their families in Hawaii as search efforts continue," General Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, said in a message on Twitter.

Rocky C
01-15-16, 03:32 PM
Prayers Outbound...

Tennessee Top
01-15-16, 07:05 PM
Could've been a lot worse. Those two CH-53's could've been loaded with troops.

Too many choppers going down recently - pilot error, mechanical failures, or other reasons. We're losing more Marines in helo crashes than actions against our enemies today.

01-15-16, 07:14 PM
How did these 53's get so close that they collided is what I want to know.

Tennessee Top
01-17-16, 12:31 AM
Military choppers don't carry black boxes do they? If not, we may never know - specially if there are no survivors to say.

01-17-16, 06:29 PM
I am with you Keg? Semper Fidelis.

Rocky C
01-18-16, 11:50 AM
1-18-2016 <br />
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HONOLULU — The ongoing search for 12 Marines who are missing after two helicopters crashed off Hawaii entered the third day with no plans Sunday morning to call off or suspend the...

Rocky C
01-22-16, 12:19 PM
HONOLULU — The Marine Corps says the 12 Marines who were in two helicopters that crashed off Hawaii are considered dead.

The status of the missing Marines changed to deceased on Wednesday, after five days of searching for them. The Marine Corps says casualty assistance calls officers personally notified each family of the change.

Top Marine general: USMC reviewing aviation safety after fatal helicopter crashes

The search began late Thursday when a civilian on a beach reported seeing the aircraft flying and then a fireball.

The Marines were alerted when the CH-53E helicopters carrying six crew members each failed to return to their base at Kaneohe Bay following a nighttime training mission. Hours later, a Coast Guard helicopter and C-130 airplane spotted debris 2 1/2 miles off of Oahu.

The Marines were from various states and ranged in age from 21 to 41.

01-27-16, 03:22 PM
God Bless those Marines and the Families.

02-01-16, 07:13 PM
HONOLULU (AP) -- A Marine general fired the commander of a Hawaii helicopter squadron days before two of the unit's helicopters crashed and killed all 12 Marines on board.

Brig. Gen. Russell Sanborn, commander of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, lost confidence in the ability of Lt. Col. Edward Pavelka to lead Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, Marine spokesman 1st Lt. Joseph Butterfield said Monday.

Butterfield said in a statement he wouldn't release further details because they may become relevant to ongoing investigations.

More at http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_HAWAII_HELICOPTER_COLLISION?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-02-01-15-20-31

2 Marine Mom
02-02-16, 12:00 AM
So, Kegler300, know there were older officers with them, does that mean, that maybe, they shouldn't of been out there, at the time? This makes my heart, sooo, heavy. When my oldest son, was out...

Rocky C
02-02-16, 09:10 AM
Huge Investigation !

02-02-16, 03:00 PM
Prayers out for them Marines, Semper Fidelis.

2 Marine Mom
02-03-16, 01:04 AM
I bet there is. Was back when the ospreys, kept falling out of the sky, back in 2000, when my oldest marine was in San Diago. Came down then, to the routine mechanical checks weren't all getting done then. I'm sure it was something different, here. prayers for those marines, and their families. Ty, from Texas, had just gotten married, about 6 weeks earlier. His mom, is one of our marine moms, in the camp courage, support group.